An alpha male is an ideal man. He is an elite man. He is genuine, ambitious, focused and a natural leader. Not only is he a leader of himself, he is a leader of his family, his friends and the society around him. He is respected and admired in equal measure for the way he lives his life. Strength, integrity and honor are some of the values that guide his day to day life. In today's society, alpha males are most likely to get great jobs, have popular friends, get bathed in attention and even date the most beautiful girls. Alpha males enjoy the very best of manhood every day of their lives. Therefore, they are regarded as successful men. Do you want your son to grow into an alpha male? If so, here are some lessons that you need to teach him.

Be genuine with yourself

Very few men are self aware. Only a handful of men are capable of seeing their most destructive weaknesses and have the bravery to correct them. Many men are afraid of these weaknesses becoming public. So they cover them up and establish quick fixes to keep living their lives. Other men make fun of weaker ones and and spend their alone time engaging in destructive vices. An alpha male does not do these things. He is aware of the failures in his life. After that, he seeks out ways to turn them into strengths and strive for something greater. Be genuine with yourself and find your insecurities. After that, say them out loud and make them known to yourself and those you love. In this way, you take control of the situation, proceed to correct it and become a true alpha male. This is a lesson you can teach your son so as to make him this type of man.

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Forge your own path of life

One of the most outstanding characteristics of alpha males is that they choose their own path. They have a personal agenda for their lives that is unique to any other around them. They live by their own principles and do not follow the herd. They are intensely passionate and great leaders. An alpha male is highly confident in himself and his decisions. He does not need the approval of anyone but himself. This gives him the enthusiasm and confidence to follow his own path. Teach your son to be an alpha male by encouraging him to choose his own path and follow it. Help him to pick a passion in life, ensure that it has some benefit to others and give him the confidence to break down any barriers that he finds.

Work to correct what is stopping you from becoming an alpha male

Fundamentally, the one thing that you need to do to become an alpha male is find what you want and then go get it. Do not do what your parents told you, or what the society around you thinks is cool or what might get that girl you want to become attracted to you. Do exactly what you want. Find out what is holding you back and eliminate it. In most cases, fear holds us back. Many men are limited by the rules that they got from their parents. They imagine that these rules hold them back from becoming alpha males while the truth is that the fear they experience when they are about to break one of these rules is what holds them back. Teach you son to pick his own rules, disregard anything that he has heard before and grow into an alpha male.

Become dominant

Many men understand dominance as harassing other people and controlling them. As a matter of fact, this not dominance it is simply bullying. Alpha males understand this fact. Therefore, they seek to be dominant through leading by example. Whenever he disagrees with anyone, he does not try to convince them to follow his way. He simply lets them be and continues on with his own activities. He takes positions of leadership in society and his personal magnetism makes others want to follow him. An alpha male is able to take control of a situation and rally support. He accomplishes all this using dominance. Teach your son how to be dominant in this way and he will grow into an alpha male.

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He does not compare himself to others

Many men today feel the burning need to compare themselves to other men. They observe the looks, ability, social status and ideas of other men and use them to measure their own performance. This can lead to low self esteem and depression. An alpha male does not compare himself to others. He is good enough for himself. He also views everyone else as equal. In this way, he maintains social control and progresses in his life at his own pace. This self confidence is a valuable lesson to teach your son so that he can grow into an alpha male.

The Important Take Away

Alpha males go on to become leaders in the society. They are confident, smart and attractive. Others look to them for direction and support. Your son can learn how to grow into an alpha male. The lessons above are reliable guidelines. Teach them to him and raise a leader, an alpha male.