11. Houston, USA

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Also located in the South is Houston. Many companies in the state of Texas have their headquarters in this city. According to statistics, 24 of the 57 biggest companies in the state have their main offices in this city. Examples of these companies are Continental Airlines and Conoco Philips. Houston is a prime location for business and health too. The Texas Medical Center is located in Houston and is the largest one in the world. Do you enjoy sampling various cuisines? Welcome to the city with more hotels per capita than any other in the world. You can taste dishes from different cultures in this city. With a variety of industries operating in Houston, you are bound to get some employment and live a high quality life after you graduate.

12. Sydney, Australia

A good quality of life is always important. This is what you get when you move to Sydney after your complete your studies. Not only are the people welcoming, the economic condition in Australia makes it a perfect location for investors to start businesses. This means that there are many jobs available for you. The cost of living is moderate and you can get affordable accommodation. This is because there are apartment complexes that are aimed at graduates and students too. Sydney is full of the arts and popular culture. As such, it is a good city to live in after college.

13. San Francisco, USA

If you want a city with high chances of getting a job, San Francisco is the ideal choice. By the end of 2015, this city had an unemployment rate of 3.9%. It is well documented that college graduates in this city normally get good jobs that pay well. As a matter of fact, the average income for a recent college graduate is $68,439 per year. This is one of the highest rates for such a graduate across the United States. San Francisco is a good destination after graduation to create a solid financial foundation for your life.

14. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Are you an adventurous person? Do you enjoy making new friends and collaborating in projects? Then you should head to Kuala Lumpur after you graduate. This is the capital city of Malaysia. According to recent studies, 63% of graduates who move there indicate that they got a job and have a great balance between work and their leisure activities. They can make a good income and have enough disposable income to sustain an active social life. The population in Kuala Lumpur is multicultural. Therefore, it is a good place to experience a new culture as you find footing in your life after graduation.

15. Boston, USA

Another city with a high population of young people is Boston. Approximately 24.8% of the total population is between 20 and 29 years old. Well known for its technology industry, Boston is good employer of recent graduates. If you want to extend your college education, you can go ahead and do it at one of the highly reputable universities in this city. Examples of these universities include Harvard and MIT. Not only are they ideal locations for graduate education, they also serve as major employers too. Boston is a great place to live after you graduate from college.

16. Prague, Czech Republic

HSBC indicates that the Czech Republic is one of the most industrialized countries in Central Europe. This is definitely good news for a college graduate. A high rate of industrialization means that there is an abundance of jobs to do. Prague is the capital of this country and it echoes high levels of industrialization. You have high chances of getting employed in this city. Moreover, the quality of healthcare is excellent. As a result, Prague is a good city to live in after graduation.

17. San Jose, USA

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Sun, sand and technology feature in this Californian city. San Jose is right in the middle of Silicon Valley. Some of the biggest technology companies in the world such as Google are based in this fabled location. Therefore, if you chose a major that is associated with technology, this is the ideal city to live in. Many think that living in California is expensive. As a matter of fact, San Jose is pretty affordable. A 1 bedroom apartment will set you back only $2,200 per month in rent. Moreover, the rate of unemployment is only 3.9%. Moving to San Jose is a good idea if you are a recent graduate. 

18. Madison, USA

Madison is the capital city of Wisconsin. In this city, a quarter of the population is between 20 and 29 years old. Therefore, you will be surrounded by your peers when you move here after you graduate. Since there are many young people living in this city, it is easy to find some affordable housing. There are low rent, high-density apartments in Madison where you can live. The Capital Times indicates that this city also has a comfortable rate of employment. Companies looking to attract young graduates have set up shop in this city. As such, employment is readily available.

19. Ottawa, Canada

Ottawa is a great city to live in after college. One main reason is the welcoming culture of the Canadian people. Ottawa has an affordable cost of living. This makes the city highly conducive for life after college. It is highly industrialized. Thus, there are jobs available for graduates. There are many corporations based in Ottawa. As a result, you can always find a way to apply your college education for an income in this Canadian city.

20. Minneapolis, USA

Image source: thedmna.org

With a low unemployment rate of only 3.9%, Minneapolis is definitely a great place to live in after graduation. You will need to pay only $1,480 in rent per month to live here. It is an ideal place to live if you are a recent graduate. One of the most outstanding features of this city is that it maintains its flora and fauna. There are many hiking paths, lakes and even bike trails that you can enjoy during your free time. Minneapolis is a big city with a bustling culture. Notable companies with their headquarters in Minneapolis include General Mills and Target. It is a good city to live in after graduation.

The Important Take Away

We all agree that life after college is very exciting. The possibilities are endless and all that you have to do is pick a place to start the story of your professional life. Above are the best cities where you can write this story. Pick out one and explore a new horizon after graduation.