female vs male brains picture

Human beings generally have 23 pairs or chromosomes in each one of their cells. 22 of them are called "autosomes" because they are found in both male and female cells. The 23rd chromosome, which is the sex chromosome, is the one that differs both genders. XX for women and XY for men. Appart from knowing that an average "male brain" is around 10% bigger then a female's one, we will try to list 8 differences between both.

 Before listing the differences let's examine some interesting facts before: before birth, after 18 to 20 weeks in the womb, a baby’s sex can be determined. It has been shown recently that there is already a visible difference between a male and female fetus: through the usage of an ultrasound scanner. The bridge that connects the two hemispheres in the brain, called corpsus collosum, appears thicker in female brains, and this is the reason why women tend to use more of both hemispheres than males who are known to mostly use the left side. Now let's see the rest of the 8 differences:

1.Math skills

Men tend to have more ease in math. This is because, in the male brain, the parietal lobe is larger. This is the part of the brain that controls math, geometry skills and visual perception. It’s divided in two regions; the part that manages sensations and perceptions and the part that manages sensory information, mostly with the visual system.

2.3D visualization

Men find it easier to imagine objects in 3D in their head and being able to visualise it in different angles. This is also because of their larger parietal lobe.


Women tend to handle stress better then men do. When a human being goes through something stressful, he releases a hormone called oxytocin. When combined to estrogen, in a women’s case, it helps calm down. When it’s combined with testosterone, in a man’s case, it makes that person angrier and more violent.


Men tend to be weaker at controlling their impulses. The amygdala in a men's brains are larger than in women's. It also has testosterone receptors that increase reactions and therefore making them less likely to control their impulsive aggressiveness .


Women feel pain more than men. This is due to the fact that the right amygdala is activated when men feel pain. Women activate their left one, which is associated with emotional functions. The right amygdala on the other hand has more connections with physical functions. Therefore, women tend to express their pain through anxiety, verbalization etc. and men express themselves physically.

6.Language skills

Women, on the other hand, have more ease in language skills. They are known to be more communicative then men. This is because their temporal and frontal lobes are larger. The temporal lobe handles the sens of sound and smell. The frontal lobe handles expression of emotions, memory, language, problem solving, judgement etc. In other words, it’s what englobes our personality and our communication abilities.


Women have the ability to feel a whole variety of emotions because their hippocampus and limbic lobe are larger. The hippocampus is related memory, mostly long-term memory. The limbic lobe is related to emotions and memory.


There isn’t a gender that is "smarter" than another, contrarily to what people used to think a couple of decades ago. But when it comes to IQ tests, women are in average in the middle. Men on the contrary, when tested, tend to fall into both extremes.

The Important Take Away

It is important to point out that for sure there are many other psychological differences that can be found, and that above are listed only the main principle differences between male and female brains, thus, wrapping up everything, it is practical to know these for the next time that you would want to understand the different behaviors of others around you.