Tim Ferriss is a famous podcast host. He is best known for having written an amazing self-help book known as the Four Hour Work Week. His book has been translated into more than 40 Languages. He is a self-experimenter and tests out various principles of life on himself and then communicates his findings to the world through his podcast show. He has received recognition from various media houses and personalities. For example, Newsweek regards him as the top human guinea-pig. Also, the New York Times regards him as a combination of CEO Jack Welch and a Buddhist monk. In his podcast known as the Tim Ferriss Show, the famous writer interviews famous and successful people from all sectors of industry. He interviews athletes, musicians, actors, actresses and even politicians. His main goal is to find out the roots of their success. Tim pries out the tips and tricks that these people used to get to the top and shares them with his listeners. Here are the 10 best podcast episodes from the Tim Ferriss Show in 2016.

Glen Beck

Many people around the world face addiction to substances. Some survive the experience and Glen Beck is one of them. He learned how to strengthen his own sense of judgement to beat the challenges in his life and emerge as a winning personality. Moreover, he is respected for his efforts to cleanup and maintain his community. Anyone struggling with some addiction or negative energy in their life should listen to Glen's episode in the Tim Ferriss Show.

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Rolf Potts

Rolf is a famous traveler who has been to literally all the famous and hidden parts of the world. Many people dream of traveling across the world to discover new places and things. Rolf has done it. Traveling that much must be complicated and expensive, how did he do it? Rolf appeared in the Tim Ferriss Show and explained exactly how he travels the world. Tim also encouraged Rolf to share some of the challenges and most interesting activities that he has ever experienced during his journeys. It was a truly eye-opening episode and is rated among the best of 2016.

Naval Ravikant

One of the foremost minds on investing today is Naval Ravikant. He reveals the secrets of making a fortune in the markets today. Tim goes ahead to ask him how to build a life that is just as valuable as the investments that Naval makes in his line of work. To this, Ravikant indicates how to turn your life into a golden experience. This was a highly educating episode of the Tim Ferriss Show this year.

Jocko Willink

One of the people who have survived true darkness in their lives is Jocko. In the episode of the podcast, Tim explores the experience of Jocko and unearthed a story of fear, humility, sacrifice and how to beat negative circumstances using discipline and courageous effort. Tim asks a number of uncomfortable questions and Jocko answers all of them honesty with raw description. It is an emotionally charged episode that will have you contemplative for a number of days afterwards.

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Scott Adams

Well-known as a master in persuasion and hypnosis, Scott explains the power and attractive qualities of Donald Trump's presidential bid. He explains why the controversial businessman has attracted so many followers despite his rash and aggressive nature. The episode explains this in a casual and clear way that will leave you impressed, shocked and appreciative all in the same breath.

Ramit Sethi

There are few experts on the state of global finance like Ramit. He understands how the markets and economies of the world are interconnected. He also understands how to take advantage of this information to build a fortune for yourself. In his episode on the Tim Ferriss Show, Ramit explains the psychology behind making tons of money, how to identify prices as well as how to create wealth and value as you invest. He also explains how to use the power of persuasion for the purpose of developing yourself and your enterprises. This is an episode that is full of valuable knowledge and tips on wealth creation and management.

Ed Cooke

Known for his comedic ability, Ed was a fun guest in the Tim Ferriss Show. He goes through the experiences of his life in a comedic way and tells all in the show. With his charming wit, Ed indicates to Tim some nuances of imagination and memory. Exhibiting highly cultured mannerisms, Ed Cooke was one of the most interesting guests on the Tim Ferriss Show in 2016.

Wim Hof

Few of us can stand the frigid cold of ice cubes on our palm. Wim Hof can sit in sub zero temperatures and survive without getting hypothermic or losing nerve function. He is a living, breathing Iceman. Regarded to have superhuman ability due to his unique gift, Wim was an interesting guest on the Tim Ferriss Show. Characteristically happy and joyous, the adventurer explains that his gift was honed through commitment and constant practice. He was a very interesting guest on the Tim Ferriss Show.

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Kevin Kelly

Kevin is well versed in matters technology. Therefore, he goes through the effects of various types of technology on our lives today in the show. An interesting part is where he indicates the opinion of Amish communities on modern cellphones. It was one of the most interesting, highly informative episodes of the Tim Ferriss Show in 2016.

Stanley McChrystal

Firmly rooted in the military, this guest wasted no time in discussing the values that he learned and practices in the military. Stanley shares some vivid insights on how to be a leader.He also indicates the vaour of having a strong character and how he manages to survive the strenuous life of military service. Even if you are not an enthusiast of the military life, this is one episode that you don't want to miss.

The Important Take Away

Tim Ferriss interviews the movers and shakers of the world. Famous celebrities, experts in various fields as well as comedians are usually invited to his show. These are the top 10 best episodes of 2016 and they are full of knowledge that you can apply in your own life for a positive effect.