While growing up, almost all of us had a specific dream job that we aspired to get. Some of us actually achieve that dream job while other are still in pursuit. Despite the allure of this dream vocation, there are other jobs that are very cool and we would all love to perform them daily for a living. They feature fun, luxury, excitement and entertainment. Every day of work at these jobs seems like a mini-vacation. Do you want to know which the coolest ones are? Here are the top 10 coolest jobs ever.

A penguinologist

We all agree that penguins are very cute birds. What if your job was to study them and observe them on a daily basis? The Zoological Society of London has a job described as a penguinologist. The person who holds this position is a specialist of everything penguin-related. Currently, Dr. Tom Hart holds this enviable position. He is currently researching the threats that affect penguins in Antarctica. One of the coolest things that he has ever done at this job is to supervise the construction of the largest penguin pool in the UK at the London Zoo.

A tastemaster

Would you like a job where all that you had to do was eat and drink tasty things all day? Western Australia is a food manufacturing firm. They produce food and drink for the Australian masses. This year, they advertised a job for a tastemaster. The holder of this position would go around the nation eating, drinking and promoting the company's products for six months. The job was created and managed by the Australian tourist board and Rich Keam qualified for it. What a lucky guy!

A jester

The royal families of old England had a tradition of hiring a court jester. The main job of this individual was to keep the royals entertained with jokes and dances. This tradition ended when King Charles I was removed from his throne. However, it has been revivied in recent years. In 2004, Kester the Jester was appointed at Buckingham palace. Once his term was over, Peterkin the Fool took over. Peterkin already had over ten years of experience at this job. He had been the Resident Fool at Hampton Court Palace in England since 1992. As a matter of fact, there is an organization that is known as the Guild of Jesters and it has over 30 members who participate in its activities on a full time basis.

Automobile tester and reviewer

Just the description of this job is enough to excite fans of automobiles all over the world. The holder of this job position simply has to drive many different cars all day and review the different driving experiences. Manufacturers are always interested in an expert opinion of their cars after they release them. Therefore, they look to car reviewers to drive the cars and write a professional report. These cars range from hatchbacks, saloons, Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and even sportscars. In this job, you are sure of a good day at work every day.

Professional fashion shopper

Girls would love to have this job. In it, you are provided with a sum of money to go and buy specific dresses all day. The best part is that you can keep them for yourself. In addition to shopping, you have to attend shows where the theme is fashion and identify the styles that will be coming into the boutiques in the coming season. Being a professional fashion shopper is a job that is full of glitz and glamor.

Video game tester

This is a highly attractive job that can be conducted by people of various ages. Even teens can be video game testers. Do you love to play various kinds of video games? Are you really good at playing them if so, you can take up this job and enjoy playing the latest games that are released every year. Your expert opinion is noted by the game designers and can be used to tweak and improve them before they are released to the public. You also get paid very handsomely for your gaming services.

A White Hat hacker

We live in the Digital Age. The Internet connects us across borders and oceans. By going online, we can find out information about literally anything. We can also perform activities such as studying, business, banking and socializing on the Internet. This has spawned a new breed of criminal. Known as Black Hat hackers, they use their extensive knowledge of the Internet and its infrastructure to steal personal information and use it for their own gain. They are very highly skilled and regular law enforcement initially had a hard time catching and arresting them. Thankfully, White Hat hackers came to the scene. They are described as 'White Hat' because they hack to help catch the bad 'Black Hat' hackers. This job is full of intrigue and excitement. If you love computer technology this is the job for you.

Scuba diving instructor

Would you want to work in a paradise location where you literally dive all day? Scuba diving instructors get to live this life and get paid for it. They are professionals who know everything about diving. They teach tourists and enthusiasts about diving, enjoying the underwater scenery and staying safe. Scuba diving instructors cover various types of diving. Examples of these are reef, wreck and night-time diving. They enjoy the unique flora and fauna of the ocean all day and get paid well to do it.

Chocolate taster

Always delicious and refreshing, chocolate is loved by millions across the globe. Would you like a job where you taste chocolate all day? You can be a chocolate taster and enjoy sampling the best chocolates and giving your opinion on them. There are no specific formal education requirements. However, you need to have a palate that is very refined and a deep knowledge of chocolate ingredients and flavors. If you love chocolate, then you will love this job.

The Important Take Away

These cool jobs inspire their holders to get up every morning excited to go to work. They are fun and the holders learn something new every day. Some are highly unusual. However, they are still much more interesting than the average jobs that most graduates end up doing. Do you want a guarantee that every single working day will be amazing? Simply attain one of these jobs and you will not regret it.