Waverly Labs Pilot Technology

Andrew Ochoa, the man behind this little ear piece, once met a girl in France and wanted to speak to her but couldn't because he didn't know how to speak french.

Today with his Waverly Labs startup ,instead of taking the regular path of learning a new language, he opted for the creation of this little device called the Pilot.

This in-ear device acts as a translator in a conversation, and the beauty of it is that it translates in real time. Starting with French, English, Italian and Spanish as the available languages, Waverly Labs share online that once the conversation starts, the Pilot connects to an app that downloads and activates the languages.

As reported by The Telegraph, one of the ultimate goals of Andrew Ochoa is a version of the Pilot that can translate in real time everything that is happening around you in a foreign country.

Now if you want to get one of these, they will be soon accepting pre-orders via indiegogo. The Pilot will come in three different colors and each is expected to be sold at 300$ once they will hit the market by 2017. But if you can't wait and want to know more about this awesome technology, they will be releasing an app this summer.

This is truly a revolutionizing technology, although many apps already offer this type of process, the Pilot offers an elegant alternative to this as it provides you with the opportunity of communicating in a more natural way.