One of the most recognized individuals in the field of self-improvement today is Tony Robbins. A man who wears many hats, he is a best-selling author, philanthropist, entrepreneur and strategist. Thanks to a deep understanding of human psychological processes, Tony has advised political and business leaders all over the world for over 3 decades. He has also written a total of five books that are international bestsellers for example the very well known, "Money: Master the Game". Through his various self-help programs, he has assisted millions of people to transform their lives for the better. Here are 12 life changing lessons on success, happiness and wealth that we learned from Tony Robbins.

Tony Robbins' lessons on success

Use questions to guide your focus

Tony Robbins is very good at directing the focus of his audience whenever he is making a presentation at his seminars. He does this by asking questions. They direct your focus in a specific way. As such, to become successful, you need to find out the question that guides your focus. Find out what directs the personal energy which helps you to create your story and life. Which is the fundamental question that makes you want to be successful? Let the answer guide you in the direction you need to go.

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Your decisions create your destiny

Tony Robbins indicates that we create our destinies in the moments of our decisions. There are three main decisions that we make on a daily basis that guide our lives forward. They include what we are focusing on, how much it means to us and what we need to do about it. Tony says that we can actively shape our destinies by answering these three questions.

Foster the right habit according to your fundamental needs

No matter where we live or our present circumstances, we all share 6 fundamental needs. They include certainty, significance, variety, growth, love and contribution. Whenever we create a habit that meets three out of these needs, then it actively becomes an addiction. This can be a powerful force guiding our decisions and actions too. Tony says that we need to create constructive addictions so as to achieve success. They will propel you forward in a powerful way.

Making progress is the path to success

Working towards your personal dreams and goals is one of the most fulfilling expressions of human happiness. Whenever you face a difficult challenge and ovecome it, your soul and heart both rejoice in the achievement. Tony says that we should understand the link between happiness and achieving our goals. Strive to overcome the hardship associated with your goals and make gradual progress until you achieve success.

Tony Robbins' lessons on wealth


This is an acronym that was coined by Tony Robbins. It stands for Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles and Measurement. This acronym is a solid framework that we can use in our personal lives and thought processes too. Tony indicates that we should have a big vision for our lives. He also indicates that we should not compromise on our values. To generate and accumulate wealth, we need to have a method of doing this. Every journey to wealth has obstacles along the way. Identify yours and how you can overcome them. To know how much progress you are making, you need to have a system of measurement. How do you measure yours? Tony indicates that the best way to do this is to perform unbiased self-assessments. By following the V2MOM framework, you can speed up your path to success.

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Exchanging your time for money is the worst investment that you can possibly make

Tony Robbins indicates that the worst investment you can make is to exchange your money for time. He says that you can always earn more money but you can never earn more time. Sadly, majority of us work for companies where we are paid according to how much time we spend at the job. Thankfully, there is a way that you can change this for the better. Starting a company allows you to detach your time from your money. You can sell your product until your company grows to a level where you do not need to work yet are still making money. You will have created a money-making system that works without your intervention. As such, you will have more time to spend with your family or enjoying the activities which make you happy.

Money is only a path to your desired lifestyle

Majority of us think that wealth means having a lot of money. Actually, being wealthy means that you have freedom. You can live the lifestyle that makes you happy. Tony indicates that many people embark on an endless race chasing money while limiting their personal freedom. To avoid falling into this trap, you should first find out the lifestyle which you desire. After that, proceed to find out how much money you need to live it. Then you can begin your journey to wealth with a defined target.

Here is the secret to financial wealth

If you desire to achieve financial wealth, you need to learn its secret. Simply find a way to earn more, spend less and then automate this process. If you desire to earn more, find out how to sell a product or service that adds value to the lives of other people. If you desire to spend less, stop purchasing new stuff and simply make do with what you currently have. Seek to live a cost-effective life too. If you want to make the process automatic, make your bills pay themselves automatically at the end of the month. You can also automate your investment, savings and retirement fund contributions. This can be done with the assistance of banks or even the company that you work for. Tony teaches us that when you achieve these three tasks, you will have achieved financial wealth.

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Tony Robbins' lessons on happiness

Instead of spending your time desiring, spend it appreciating

One of the ways to achieve happiness is being grateful. You can only be truly grateful when you appreciate the things around you. By being appreciative, you get to feel rich, wealthy and most importantly happy. This is regardless of how your finances look like at the moment. Therefore, Tony encourages you to appreciate what you currently have instead of spending your time desiring the things you don't have.

Sometimes a small change is all that is required to get you where you desire to be

The smallest changes can result in the biggest achievements. According to Tony Robbins, a 2mm difference in where you kick a soccer ball determines whether you will score a goal or not. You can apply the same concept to your health, finances, business or family life. Find out what you need to slightly adjust in any of these sectors and you will achieve the happiness that you desire.

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Focus more on the results and not the activities that achieve them

Tony teaches that the most effective way to achieve a specific result that you want is to maintain focus on it and not the activities required to achieve it. Tony proposes a plan known as the RPM plan. It is a Results-focused, Purposeful, Massive-action plan. This one shows that when you maintain focus on your desired results, you will automatically come up with the actions needed to get there. More importantly, this form of pupose will fill you up with joy and happiness on the path to achievement.

Change the story of your life to begin living it

Every day, we have a story of our lives. It is the description of our current existence. We tell these stories to ourselves and to others as well. When someone asks us how our day has been, the response that we give is the story of our life for that moment. Why not make it a happy story? Tony teaches us that when you begin to determine the stories that you want to tell others, you begin to shape your own life according to your desire. You can give the events in your life a positive outlook as you tell your story. In this way, you can begin to live a better one than you ever imagined.

The Important Take Away

Tony Robbins has guided millions of people to the lives of their dreams. His opinion and guidance is respected by anyone from top business-people to athletes and public figures. Above are his lessons on wealth, success and happiness. Learn and adopt them to change your life for the better.