One of the rituals which we perform every January is to come up with some new year's resolutions. These are personal pledges to drop some old habits and adopt new ones. Resolutions can also involve learning new things or completing your regular tasks in a new way. Majority of us come up with a list of resolutions which we hope to achieve in the new year. However, few of us stick to this list and actually achieve them. Elements such as work, family or leisure activities get in our way and we do not fulfill our resolutions. If you fall in this group, there is hope. Here are 10 ways to instantly motivate yourself into sticking to you resolutions this year.

Strengthen your willpower to achieve your goals

Willpower is the intrinsic resolve which is needed so as to achieve your goals or targets. Strong willpower is steady, resilient and can help you to accomplish literally anything. However, we are not born with strong willpower. It must be developed like a muscle. Thus, if you want to achieve your resolutions, you need to develop your willpower. You can do this by exerting some extra self-control on a daily basis. According to an experiment conducted at the State University of New York in conjunction with the University at Albany, you can develop your willpower by engaging in a challenging exercise twice a day. An example of such is squeezing a grip strengthener twice a day until it becomes uncomfortable. By conditioning yourself to withstand the pain and developing disciplined self control, you can improve your personal willpower and use it to achieve your new year's resolutions.

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Break down your major resolutions into smaller, achievable goals

Majority of us have many resolutions at a time. The average number of these personal pledges per person is 5. It may be quite difficult to achieve all of them. This is especially so if there are some among them which are major. Examples of such are kicking an addiction, losing an amount of weight or increasing your income. When you have such major resolutions, your attention can be completely taken away from the less important ones. This causes you to overlook and not fulfill them. To prevent this, break down your major resolutions into smaller goals so as to achieve them easily. This will give you the flexibility to remember the less important ones and achieve them too.

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Maintain positive spirits and stay happy

Each one of us has some activities which make you happy. They are collectively referred to as hobbies. Some people enjoy watching funny movies, others enjoy exercising and some enjoy cooking. Whenever you feel that it has become challenging to achieve your resolutions, take time to relax and engage in your hobby. This will lift your mood and energize you to accomplish them with fresh resolve.

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Focus on your vision

One of the main challenges that prevents people from accomplishing their new years resolutions is fear. The fear of failure causes them to give up on pursuing their goals. If you want to overcome this fear, you should feed your ambition. This strategy makes your fear starve and empowers you to become stronger in your resolve. One of the ways to accomplish this is to create a vision chart. This one is a visual symbol of what you need to accomplish. It will help you to stay focused on your goals. This chart can have pictures or descriptions of your resolutions. For example if your resolution is to lose weight, you can post pictures of fit people on this chart and strive to become like them. This will motivate you to achieve it.

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Stay attentive

Paying attention pays the best interest. If you want to achieve anything, you must strive to pursue it with laser sharp focus. This means that all your attention must be on it all day, every day. The main threats to this type of focus is distractions. Friends, hobbies, leisure activities and addictions are common distractions which can cause you to lose focus on the subject of your resolutions. To avoid this, control yourself and maximize your focus every day. Whenever you find yourself idle, seek out activities which will bolster your decision to pursue your resolution.

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Utilize the 3 day rule

This is a superb way to ensure that you stay focused on achieving your resolution goals. This rule indicates that if you find yourself having skipped three days consecutively without having worked on achieving your resolution, sit down and take account of yourself. Write down the reasons why you went for that long without pursuing your goal. After that, indicate the exact date when you intend to resume your effort. Doing this will make sure that you are purposefully engaged and committed to achieving each of your new years' resolutions.

Keep practising

Constant practice makes you perfect. According to research, willpower needs constant practice like a muscle. It is something which you can develop, strengthen and eventually use as much as you need to. To achieve your new year's resolutions, you need to develop an iron willpower. It will help you to overcome the temptations to stop your pursuit of achieving your resolutions. One way to develop your willpower is to perform small efforts of self-restraint. Practising this regularly will give you the strength to achieve your resolutions.

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Live one day at a time

Sometimes, we can project our new year's resolutions over the whole year. We can begin to imagine ourselves achieving these resolutions in December. Doing this can make them intimidating. You can begin to feel the pressure to perform. This pressure can cause you to get demotivated and eventually give up on achieving your resolutions. To avoid this, live one day at a time. Practice your resolutions on a day to day basis. This will help you to achieve your them a little bit at a time. As a result, you will gain the confidence to stay committed in the long haul.

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Reward yourself

Always appreciate your own effort. Nothing motivates like a reward. On your path to achieving your resolutions, make sure that you reward yourself on every small step forward which you make. You do not have to feel as though you are cheating. Rewards are important to maintain motivation. For example, if you are maintaining a limited diet so as to lose weight, you can stick to it for a whole week and reward yourself on the weekend with a decadent dish. This will give you the motivation to continue dieting in the following week. Rewards are important in achieving your new years' resolutions.

The Important Take Away

We all have some resolutions in the beginning of the year. They are the things which we aspire to achieve going forward. It can be quite difficult to stick to them and be committed on the path to self-improvement. Thankfully, the tips above can help you to stick to the path. Learn and apply them to boost your chances of sticking to your resolutions and transform your life for the better.