Education is an investment that keeps on giving. Investing in it is a great decision. It doesn't matter if you are young or you're old, an investment in education lasts forever. There are many ways through which we can facilitate our education. One can pay for it or they can secure a scholarship. The latter is always the better option. This is because one is able to study while not paying less. Moreover, the scholarship can cover all the costs associated with the discipline that you are studying. This type of coverage may be quite expensive or even impossible to perform when paying your own tuition. Of course, scholarships require that you excel in your education or even successfully complete a special project to prove your worth. Moreover, they are often quite competitive. Despite the challenges involved in securing a scholarship, they are worth the effort. Here are the 15 most prestigious scholarships in the world.

The Buick Achievers scholarship

The Buick Automobile corporation also offers financial assistance to students. This is done through the Buick Achievers Scholarship Program. Students are provided with a scholarship that is worth $25,000 every year. This one is renewable for up to half a decade. This means that its total value is $125,000. The Buick Achievers scholarship is awarded to students who show the potential to become Buick car makers in the future. In addition to this scholarship, the company offers another one of $2,000 to students who are enthusiastic about taking college courses in design, business or engineering.

The Best Buy Scholarship

This is a well known supermarket chain in the U.S. It gives scholarships totalling more than $1 million to students who are in high school every year. A requirement for this scholarship is excellent performance in volunteering, achievement in academics as well as experience in a job. The annual scholarship is worth $1,000 and Best Buy has awarded it to a total of 16, 545 students since the start of the program in 1999.

The Coca Cola Scholars Program

This is a scholarship program that is offered by the Coca Cola Company. This soft drink empire has been in business for over a hundred years. In addition to that, it is worth billions of dollars. Thus, it has a program where they sponsor high school students who are at their senior level. To qualify, the students have to display leadership in fields such as education, business, the arts or government. The Coca Cola Scholars Program gives scholarships worth $20,000 to 50 students and others worth $10,000 to 400 students annually. These scholarships are renewable.

The Davidson Fellows Scholarship

This one is offered by the Davidson Foundation. It is given to students in their high school level of education. These students have to prove their worth by completing special projects or portfolios. These should be in fields such as technology, philosophy, music, science, literature or mathematics. The Davidson Fellows Scholarships have values of $50,000, $20,000 and $10,000.

The Winston Churchill scholarship

Named after the glorious British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, it is a scholarship program that is offered to students in the UK and the US. Those who receive the scholarship in America are enabled to study a number of subjects at the Churchill College in Cambridge University. These subjects include engineering, science and mathematics. One major qualification for this scholarship is that the students must be nominated by the college where they did their undergraduate studies.

The Henry Luce Foundation Scholarship

This is a scholarship program that targets teen students in America who desire to live and perform jobs in Asia. It provides them with internships and stipends to facilitate living in the Asian continent. To qualify, you need to be between 15 and 18 years old. In addition to that, you must be nominated by one of 75 participating universities and colleges.

The National Merit Scholarship

Offered in the U.S., this is a scholarship that is offered to students in high school. It does not require a tedious application process. All that one has to do is to take the Pre-SAT test. Also known as the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, sitting for it automatically enrols you into the competition. Many scholarships of this type are offered to participants. Therefore, the chances of getting one are high if you deliver a good performance.

The Miss America scholarship program

This is one of the biggest and most easily recognized scholarship programs globally. The Miss America scholarship program provides millions of dollars in scholarship assistance to students in various levels. These levels include local, state and national levels. There are many types of scholarships in this program that are available to students. These include the Miss America Community Service Scholarship, the Quality of Life Award and the Eugenia Vellner Fischer Award. In addition to that, there is the Dr. & Mrs. David B. Allman Scholarship.

The Marshalls Scholarships

This is a scholarship program that is offered in the United Kingdom. It targets American students. 40 of them are selected to complete a graduate program of their choice in the UK. This program should last a total of two years and the scholarship covers all living and educational requirements. For you to compete for it, you should have a minimum GPA of 3.75.

The Rhodes scholarships

Each year, Oxford University in the UK offers 32 Americans the opportunity to study there. This opportunity is offered through the Rhodes scholarship. It covers all their living and educational costs for the 2 year program. If you are chosen for it and successfully complete the learning period, then you can renew the scholarship and study for a third year. 

The United Negro College Fund

This is a fund that makes it possible for over 60,000 students to attend college annually. This fund combines 400 different internship and scholarship programs. Students from low and average income countries can access these scholarships and attend college. One of the most outstanding of these scholarships is the Merck Undergraduate Science Research Scholarship. This one gives between $35,000 and $85,000 in scholarships to students of bioscience and biotechnology.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

This is a foundation that is run by the richest man on earth and his wife. Bill and Melinda Gates have a number of scholarships in this program for example the Gates Cambridge Scholarships which are worth a combined $210 million. Others include the D.C. Achievers scholarships that are worth $122 million.

The Gates Millenium Scholars

Some scholarships are described as full-ride. This means that they cover all the living and educational expenses of the students who win them. This scholarship is given to students who are in the senior level of their high school education. Moreover, the students should be U.S. citizens of specific descents. These include African-American, Alaskan, Hispanic, Asian Pacific Islander American and American Indian descent. To qualify for the Gates Millenium Scholars scholarship, one also needs to exhibit leadership ability in extracurricular activities or service to the community.

Intel Science Talent Search

This is a scholarship program that is offered as a prize in a competition. The winners are awarded this specific scholarship. The Intel Science Talent Search is a science competition where high school students present their projects for the grand prize of a college scholarship worth $100,000.

The Harry S. Truman scholarship

This is a scholarship that targets high school students who are in their junior level of study. Those who aspire to go into public service are eligible for it. The Harry S. Truman scholarship is awarded to students who have shown excellence in service to the community and leadership on campus.

The Important Take Away

Scholarships are highly beneficial in case you want to pursue education to the fullest. Some of them are partial while others cover your education and boarding costs. These are some of the most prestigious ones that you can apply for today. Of course, they require excellent performance. This is definitely worth it considering the fact that you are creating a firm academic foundation for the rest of your life.