For us to succeed in life, we should be confident. It helps us to pave a path towards happiness and prosperity. Confidence helps you to stay inspired and passionate about your vision. To be confident, you must stay motivated. Here are 25 thoughts that will motivate you to accomplish any goal you want.

1. Explore, dream and discover

Many years from now, you will be more disappointed in the chances that you never took than the ones you actually did. Don't be afraid to take a chance. Simply take a leap of faith. Sail away from your safe zone and discover the unknown. This thought is credited to famous author, Mark Twain.

2. Chase perfection to attain excellence

In pursuit of your goals, you may feel as though everything must be perfect. Unfortunately, perfection cannot be attained. However, by trying to attain perfection you will be excellent at what you do. This thought was expressed by Vince Lombardi, a celebrated football coach.

3. Believe in yourself and you have won half the battle

It takes tremendous courage to believe in yourself. It is even harder to make others believe in your vision. Just remember that believing in yourself is half the battle. Once you have confidence in yourself and your ability, you only need to put in some effort and you will be on the route to success. President Theodore Roosevelt expressed this thought.

4. Your limitations only exist in your mind

I am not attractive enough. I am not smart enough. These are limitations that we think about. They can hold us back from accomplishing our goals. Actually, these negative thoughts only exist in our minds. You can overcome them by using your imagination. Imagine yourself being attractive and smart. By doing this, your possibilities will open up and you can achieve anything. This thought was expressed by Jamie Paolinetti.

5. When a door of happiness closes, another one opens

Sometimes in life we miss out on things that we desire. We feel as though a door has been shut. Thankfully, another one always opens up. We often stay looking at the door that has been shut and miss out on the open one. There is always an open door for every one that has been shut. Simply look for it. Hellen Keller is credited with this thought.

6. To succeed, you must overcome failure

Michael Jordan is credited with this thought. He indicates that he missed over 9,000 shots and lost over 300 games but he didn't give up. That's how he became the best basketball player of all time. Don't give up on your goals.

7. When everything goes against you, it is time for you to fly

Airplanes normally fly against the wind. They position their wings such that the oncoming winds lift them up. You might find that situations in life are going against you. In such times, position yourself strategically and you will fly like a plane. Henry Ford gave us this thought.

8. If you hear the voice of doubt in your head, do what it says you can't

At one point or another, we hear a voice that tells us we can't accomplish our goals. It is in our minds and we struggle to shake it off. If you hear it, don't believe it. Do exactly what it says you can't. That is how to overcome doubt. This thought is credited to famous painter Vincent Van Gogh. 

9. It is not enough to say or think, you must do

For you to achieve something, you must plan it and then do it. Don't let your goals exist only in your mind. Perform some action and work to accomplish them. Leonardo da Vinci gave us this thought.

10. To be successful in life, focus your energy on one idea

Pick the idea of success that you find most attractive. Make it the main objective of your life. Dream about it, think about it and live on it. Every part of your body must be geared towards it. This is how to be successful. Swami Vivekananda is credited with this thought.

11. Discover the types of haters around you and ignore them

On your path to success, you will meet people who will try to discourage you by telling you that you cannot make it. They will say this because they are afraid to try or they are afraid you will be successful. Don't listen to them and stay focused on your goal. Ray Goforth gave us this thought.

12. Motivation is like bathing, you should do it daily

There are many challenges in the path to your goals. That's why you should stay motivated. The best way to do this is by inspiring yourself daily. By doing this, the positive effects become permanent. Zig Ziglar is credited with this thought.

13. You can choose to create the momentum to succeed or to fail

Momentum keeps you going. It can keep you going up or down. If you succeed in something, you want to succeed even more. This is positive momentum. However, if you fail, you could keep failing. This is negative momentum. Create positive momentum in your life. Tony Robbins gave us this thought.

14. Convert your failures into success

The two most formidable foundation stones of success are failure and discouragement. By embracing them and turning them into something positive, you will accomplish your goals. Dale Carnegie expressed this thought.

15. Trust that your future will be bright

It is hard to predict the future. We are only able to look backwards into the past. Despite the challenge of predicting it, you must trust that your future will be successful. Do your best to develop faith in a better tomorrow. Billionaire Steve Jobs gave us this thought.

16. Define your goals so as to achieve them

Many people fail to achieve their goals because they don't define them. They also don't consider their goals to be achievable. For you to win, you should be able to tell where you are heading, how you will get there and the people you will share your success with. This thought is credited to Denis Watiley. 

17. To achieve excellence, you must adopt excellent habits

Overall excellence is a result of performing many little actions in an excellent manner. You must practice it over a period of time so as to develop an attitude of excellence. Thanks to Charles R. Swindoll, we have this thought.

18. Desire keeps us motivated but actions leads to success

A burning desire for the things we admire can keep us motivated. However, you must commit to constructive actions every day so as to accomplish your goals. This thought was expressed by Mario Andretti.

19. Have faith in your abilities so as to be successful

The first step to accomplishing your goals is to believe in your abilities. No matter how humble they are, if you focus on them you will be successful. Thanks to Norman Vincent Peale, we have this thought.

20. Strength is forged through hardship

The challenges and disappointments that you face in life make you stronger. Hardships help you to develop grit. When you face them and survive without surrendering, it makes you stronger. This thought was expressed by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

21. Live your life to the fullest

We all have limited time on earth. You shouldn't live your life according to the opinions of other people. Do not let their opinions overcome the inner voice in your heart. Be courageous to follow your heart and your gut. They already know your destiny. Steve Jobs expressed this thought.

22. Succeed in the goals that matter most

Many people succeed in achieving little goals. For you to be great, you should strive to achieve big ones because they matter the most. Thanks to Francis Chan, we have this thought.

23. You don't have to be pushed to accomplish goals that you care about

When you are working to accomplish a goal that you care about deeply, your vision pulls you forward. There is no need to be pushed by anyone. Find goals that you care about and pursue them. Steve Jobs expressed this thought.

24. Be crazy enough to think you can change the world, you just might

All through history, the people who were crazy enough to think that they could change the world actually did. The biggest inventions in history were made by such people. Don't be afraid to look crazy. Keep on pursuing your goals until you change the world. Rob Siltanen expressed this thought.

25. Make the best of what you have and you will receive the best from the world

Whichever situation you find yourself in, make the best of it. By doing this, you develop optimism. This goes ahead to help you attract positive situations in your life that ultimately allow you to accomplish your goals. This thought is credited to John Wooden.

The Important Take Away

These thoughts can help you in the accomplishment of your goals successfully. Repeat them to yourself every day and they will keep you focused. Once they become a part of your life, you will achieve any goal you want.