In our day to day lives, we normally perform some activities which qualify as wins. They could be as small as remembering to eat healthy or performing well in a particular interview or presentation. For most of us, these small victories go unnoticed. However, we are quick to notice any mistakes or shortcomings that we could make during our day. While it is important to notice our mistakes so as to correct them, we should not ignore our small wins. This is because they give us joy and are essential to our motivation. Here is how to celebrate small wins daily and increase happiness.

Notice them

What exactly is a small win? This is an activity which you do successfully but weren't sure you could actually pull off. A small win varies from person to person. It can be finally being able to grow a flower or sticking to a workout plan. Small wins do not change the world. However, they can put a smile on your face and help you gain some confidence. We can get stuck on noticing all the bad activities going on in our lives and forget to see the small wins. Small wins give us the strength to reach further and try to accomplish more. Hence, they are essential in the process of growth. Take the time to notice your small wins so as to appreciate them and yourself too.

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Get excited

Children get very excited about small things. This keeps them happy and enthusiastic about life. As we grow up, we become stodgy. It becomes difficult to get excited about things that do not qualify as big and significant. Sometimes, we fail to get excited by small things in a bid to impress other adults. The questions is, why do we limit our happiness to impress other people who simply don't care and are just as grumpy as us? If you get excited about small things, let it show. If you feel happy because you were finally able to do that small thing that you have struggled with for a long time, then get excited about it. Let it be your small win. Bask in the victory of having achieved it and it will increase your level of happiness.

Communicate your small wins

Human beings are social beings. We communicate with each other so as to share ideas or moments. Therefore, if you experience a small victory, you should tell someone who cares about it. Find a way to verbalize your small win and tell it to someone else. This will create a little celebration party for you and your friend. Doing this will make you want to experience the party again and motivate you to keep making small victories. On the other hand, it could actually motivate your friend to try out the activity that you did successfully. Everybody wins.

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Establish habits which help you to make small wins every day

For you to have something to celebrate, it is important to actually make an effort to win. To make progress on a daily basis, you need to learn how to win consistently. This can only be accomplished using habits. These are activities which you perform without thinking about it. They come naturally to you because you have programmed your mind and body to suit them. Therefore, strive to create habits that ensure daily wins. How can you do this? Simply create and follow a plan that helps you to win some more every day. Establish them in the fields of life that you enjoy. To create a winning habit, perform a constructive activity every day for 21 days consecutively. This will help you to experience small wins every day and increases your happiness.

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Live in the present moment and acknowledge it

In pursuit of future achievements, we tend to take the present moment for granted. We think that the little activities that we perform presently do not affect us and our trajectory. As a matter of fact, they do. Day to day moments are the ones which add up and help us to have a life experience. By noticing and filling them with wins, we can create a big success eventually. For example, if you strive to read 10 pages of a book every day, you can accumulate a lot of knowledge in one year. Therefore, live in the present and fill it with wins. They will add up and make you happy in the long run.

Reward yourself

A reward is anything that brings you pleasure. You should always reward yourself for achieving anything. It could be a big or a small win. Take the time to reward yourself. This can be your favorite dish, some time watching your favorite show, some ice cream or chocolate. Celebrate your small wins with a reward. This motivates you to maintain focus and keep winning. It is a way to program yourself for long term achievement and happiness.

Don't pile pressure upon yourself

Ever since our elementary school days, we have worked with deadlines. We carry this habit into adulthood and put deadlines on our goals. If we miss them, it leads to feelings of failure and loss. While placing deadlines on our activities ensures commitment, they should not be too strict. Relax your deadlines. This helps you to accomplish small wins every day and leads to happiness. It also motivates you.

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Share the plan for how you intend to achieve your large, collective goal

If you want to learn how to celebrate small wins every day as a team, then you need to get everyone to see the importance of these small wins. How can you make this happen? Simply begin by laying out your strategic plan so that everyone can see the end-game. Call your team mates for a meeting and explain the final goal. After that, help them to see how the small activities performed every day contribute to achieving the eventual goal. In doing this, your teammates can assign importance to small wins and celebrate them more enthusiastically.

The Important Take Away

It is important to stay motivated in life. You can do this by celebrating small wins. The guidelines above are essential tips on how to do this. Learn how to celebrate the small wins so that you can reach the big ones and appreciate them more.