A yacht is basically a floating luxury home and entertainment spot. Currently a preserve of only the richest people in the world, it is a massive vessel capable of holding some living quarters as well as any other entertainment facilities that the owner may want. Yachts often have special spots where the owners can hold their other toys such as supercars and helicopters. Moreover, they are symbols of status and ego. It is well known that billionaires fight for the top spot in a competition of who has the biggest yacht. This has resulted in some pretty massive and luxurious vessels. Here are the 15 biggest and most beautiful yachts ever built.

The Rising Sun

This yacht belongs to Oracle boss Larry Ellison and music executive David Geffen. It measures 453 feet in length and was designed by Seccombe Design. In addition to that, the Rising Sun was constructed in Lurssen, Germany and launched in 2008. With a 12,230 horsepower diesel engine, it is powerful enough to thrust the two billionaires across any ocean today in record time.

Al Salamah

Measuring 456 feet in length, Al Salamah is one of the biggest yachts in the world. It was constructed in a German shipyard in 1999 and is owned by Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia. He is the defense minister of Saudi Arabia and the crown prince of the kingdom. Some of its luxurious features include a helipad, a pool as well as glass roofs. During construction, Al Salamah was code named Mipos, short for Mission Possible.

Ocean Victory

With seven decks and a total of six pools, this is definitely one of the biggest yachts in the world. Veiled in utter secrecy, there are no details on who even owns this yacht. The only details available are that is measures 459 feet and was constructed in 2014. Despite the hush hush, we can tell that Ocean Victory is a very luxurious yacht.

Al Said

This yacht has achieved the 500 foot mark and gone beyond. Al Said measures 508 feet in length and is owned by Qaboos bin Said al Said. It was designed by Espen Oino International and constructed by Lurssen Yachts in Germany. It has all the amenities of luxury such as swimming pools, multiple decks, a helipad and glass architecture. Al Said was launched in 2007 and immediately became one of the rulers of the seas.


When you have billions to spend and want to entertain 60 of your most valued friends, where do you do it? On your yacht of course! The Yas is capable of hosting this many people quite comfortably. Measuring 462 feet in length, it is definitely big enough for them. Luxury amenities aboard this yacht include a spa, full entertainment system, an indoor swimming pool as well as a collection of water-sport toys. This luxurious yacht is owned by Hamdan bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.


Alisher Usmanov is a Russian oligarch who has a net worth of billions of dollars. He commissioned Lurssen yachts to build him a yacht and they did not disappoint. From their yard emerged Dilbar, a 360 foot long vessel. He named the yacht after his mother. The yacht has a number of onboard swimming pools, a helipad and enough room for 20 guests and 48 crew members. Alisher often uses his yacht to visit his numerous private islands.

El Horriya

This yacht stands out as a classic of the seas. Just as there are classic cars, El Horriya is a beautiful, classic yacht. Despite being constructed in 1865, it still competes favorably with modern yachts in terms of length and amenities. El Horriya measures 478 feet. It was built for the King of Egypt. Today, the Egyptian navy is responsible for keeping this masterpiece running as the official presidential yacht.


Built in 1931, the Savarona is a classic yacht. It measures 446 feet in length and was constructed for the Republic of Turkey. Made of steel, the Savarona was designed by Gibbs & Cox and was constructed by Blohm & Voss in Germany. Today, the yacht has been leased by Kahraman Sadikoglu and is one of the greatest examples of classic luxury vessels.

Prince Abdulaziz

Measuring 482 feet in length, this is one of the biggest yachts in existence today. It belongs to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. Initially, it was owned by King Fahd. Prince Abdulaziz was built in the year 1984 and can host 64 guests and 65 crew members too. The yacht has a combination of ancient and modern decor. Its interior lobby was designed to look exactly like that of the Titanic. It also has a mosque, a cinema and a hospital with all the equipment required. It is truly a vessel built for royalty.


This yacht is owned by Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen. It measures 414 feet in length. Moreover, the Octopus was completed in the year 2003. Featuring luxury amenities such as a helipad and a strengthened steel hull, it is a formidable vessel for its owner and his guests. It was designed by Espen Oino and constructed in Lurssen, Germany.

Al Mirqab

The Emir of Qatar wanted a yacht that would signify his royal status. So he had this one desiged by Tim Heywood and built by Peters Schiffbau in Germany. Al Mirqab has a length of 436 feet and was launched in 2008. Therefore, the emir has more than enough room to entertain his royal guests. The yacht is made of strengthened steel and has all the amenities that a royal would demand.


Lurssen Yachts built this super luxurious yacht for Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nayan. He is the president of the United Arab Emirates and the Emir of Abu Dhabi. It cost him $650 million to build it and was worth every penny. The Azzam measures 590 feet in length. It is the biggest yacht in the world. It is also one of the fastest since it can achieve a speed of 30 knots or 35 mph (miles per hour). Its luxurious interior was designed by Christophe Leoni and is fit for the ruler of an empire.


Lady Moura

This is a yacht that was built by Blohm + Voss for Nasser Al-Rashid, a Saudi Arabian businessman. Lady Moura measures 344 feet in length and cost $210 million. This yacht is easily recognizable because its name is indicated on the hull in 24 karat gold letters. The luxury doesn't stop there. Lady Moura is fitted with a swimming pool that has a retractable roof. Moreover, it has a helipad as well as a dining room table that is 75 feet long. Nasser ensured that his yacht was luxurious and large enough to accomodate 30 guests and 60 members of his crew. Lady Moura is definitely one of the biggest and most beautiful yachts today.

Superyacht A

One may frown upon the name of this yacht but upon closer investigation, this yacht is definitely super. Owned by Andrey and Aleksandra Melnichenko, Superyacht A measures a whopping 400 feet in length and cost $323 million. It also has one of the most original yacht designs to date. The owners informed Blohn + Voss to build a yacht that looked like a submarine or a warship. The result was stunning and eye catching. Superyacht A is packed full of luxury amenities.They include a disco and six suites that are specially made for guests. Also, the furniture, cutlery and crockery of Superyacht A are all made of French crystal. A helipad, speed boat and a swimming pool with a glass bottom accessorize this one of a kind yacht too. All these combine to make the Superyacht A. Moreover, as beautiful as it is, it has also an amazing interior! 

Streets of Monaco

This is a yacht that has been planned and is ready for construction as soon as someone with $1.1billion shows up and makes an order. Designed by Yacht Island Design of Derbyshire County in England, the yacht does not look like any other in the world. This is because the deck is designed to look exactly like a section of Montecarlo in Monaco. The yacht measures 500 feet in length and has landmarks such as the Monte Carlo Racetrack, Hotel de Paris, La Rascasse and the Loews Hotel. It also has a number of swimming pools, tennis courts and a total of seven suites for the owner's guests. The yacht also has a waterfall and a bar with glass views of the underwater ocean. It is one of a kind.

The Important Take Away

A yacht is a billionaire's toy. It is meant to be as luxurious and safe as possible. It represents the character of its owner. If this means installing the wildest luxury amenities possible, then so be it. The ones listed above are some of the biggest and most beautiful ones. Pursue service, fame and fortune and you could have one too!