Stop running away from yourself, there is no one else that you would rather be - Goldie Hawn

Do not believe too much in the success stories of others, unfold your own myth - Rumi

If you know that you are different, you rarely notice the millions who see you and accept you for who you are. All you see is the one person who doesn't - Jodi Picoult

The moment that you trust yourself, you will know how to live - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

You will never be lonely if you like the person that you are alone with - Wayne Dyer

Never waste your energy trying to change the opinions of others. Do what makes you happy and don't care if they like it - Tina Fey

Pride helps you to hold up your head when everyone else's is bowed. Courage gives you the confidence to do it - Bryce Courtenay

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing - Walt Disney

Pessimists normally see difficulty in every opportunity. Optimists normally see an opportunity in every difficulty - Winston Churchill

Never let the events of yesterday take up too much of your day today - Will Rogers

Failure will teach you more than success ever could - Unknown

When you are working on something that you truly care about, nobody has to push you. Your vision simply pulls you - Steve Jobs

Those people who are so crazy that they think they can change the world are the ones who actually do - Rob Slitanen

Failure cannot overtake you if your desire to succeed is strong enough - Og Mandino

Enterprising people are exceptionally good at handling uncertain conditions and also at minimising risk. To be enterprising, do this - Mohnish Pabrai

Even if you encounter many defeats, do not be defeated - Maya Angelou

To get the life you desire, imagine it being perfect in every way, then pursue that - Brian Tracy

Fears crop up when we sit but courage develops when we act - Dr. Henry Link

Security in life is simply a superstition. Your life is either an adventure or nothing at all - Helen Keller

When you have confidence in yourself, you gain the confidence of others - Hasidic Proverb

The doubts of today are the only limits on the possibilities of your tomorrow - Frankin D.Roosevelt

Creativity is simply intelligence having fun - Albert Einstein

If you feel that you don't have talent, make up for it through hard work, hustle and 110% dedication - Don Zimmer

An attitude of gratitude will help make more bonds in life than anything else - Brian Tracy

You can never be too old to create a new dream and achieve a new goal - C.S. Lewis

Courage is seeing what is wrong and taking steps to correct it - Confucius

Reading is exercise for the mind - Brian Tracy

Fake it till you make it. Act confident and you will soon be confident - Brian Tracy

Those who are competent are the ones who achieve the future - Brian Tracy

The tragedy is not failing to reach your goal, it is having no goal to reach - Benjamin Mays

Recording your dreams and ambitions on paper sets in motion the process to make you the person you desire to be - Mark Victor Hansen

By focusing on a target that is bigger than the one you want, you will develop the ability to achieve your original one and then some - William J.Bennet

If you can visualize, you can actualize - Robert L. Schwartz

Excellence is a habit - Aristotle

To be excellent in big things, you must first be excellent in little ones - Charles R. Swindoll

Desire is key to motivation but commitment gets you to the success that you want - Mario Andretti

If you want to be happy in your work, be excellent at it - Pearl Buck

To attain a high quality of life, seek to be exceptional in your daily tasks - Vince Lombardi

As you enter a new task in life, don't focus on failure, only on the possibility of success and the strengths you have - Paul J. Meyer

Trees teach us patience and grass teaches us persistence - Hal Borland

Invincible determination can sccomplish anything - Thomas Fuller

Leaders are not born, they are made - Warren G. Bennis

The willingness to confront anxiety is a strong character among the greatest leaders - John Kenneth

Leadership is bringing out greatness from the people, not exerting it upon them - John Buchan

You should be patient with yourself, success grows slowly and is tender - Stephen Covey

Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm - Winston Churchill

The diference between successful and unsuccessful people is simply the desire to reach their goals - John Maxwell

A winning attitude is where you push yourself until you turn weakness into strength - Michael Jordan

Do not quit, pain is only temporary - Lance Armstrong

Pain is weakness leaving the body. Never give up - Kevin Bull

The Important Take Away

Motivation is like showering, we should all do it at least once a day. These quotes can give you the strength to get through your hard times. Refer to them often to stay strong.