11. Saudi Arabia vs. Belgium (1994) - Saeed Al Owairan

Al Owairan is perhaps one of the least known players on this list. That, however, doesn't mean he couldn't give the world a beautiful goal to remember for generations. He received the ball at the midfield and went ahead to dribble the ball past skilled Belgian players. He then hammered the ball past the goalkeeper. His goal led Saudi to qualify for the round of 16, where they, unfortunately, lost to Sweden.

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12. England vs. Belgium (1990) - David Platt

In the just concluded World Cup, England dominated the scoresheet through dead balls. In 1990, the English went ahead to edge past the Belgians in the round of 16. This was as a result of a freekick that met David Platt. He went ahead to score with a volley, and England won.

13. Netherlands vs. Uruguay (2010) - Giovanni Van Bronckhorst

During the 2010 semi-finals, the Dutch went up against the Uruguayans in a thrilling match. In the 18th minute, Giovanni scored a beautiful goal from far off. The goal went into the top corner of the net. Though the Dutch eventually lost 3-2, they gave the world an amazing goal to be remembered throughout history.

14. Netherlands vs. Spain (2014) - Robin Van Persie

He went on to be called the Flying Dutchman due to his stunning goal against Spain. The pass was provided by David Bailey and Van Persie took up the challenge to score a beautiful header past Iker Casillas and equalized for the Dutch. They eventually lost the match and championship, but the goal made its way to one of the beautiful scores in World Cup.

15. France vs, Argentina (2018) - Benjamin Pavard

The 2018 World Cup has seen great records shattered. One of the most beautiful goals was from the Frenchman, Pavard who is said to have defied the laws of physics. Pavard scored from an angle that was almost impossible to score. Franco Armani, the Argentinian goalkeeper had no chance to save the ball. France went ahead to beat Argentina 4-3 and later won the World Cup.

16. Belgium vs. Panama (2018) - Dries Mertens

Belgium gave a thrilling performance in the 2018 World Cup. They finished third behind France and Croatia respectively. However, one of the most beautiful goals was against Panama in the group stages. Mertens scored a beautiful volley that surprised everyone when it went in, including himself.

17. The USA vs. Germany (2014) - Thomas Muller

Thomas Muller was one of the most resounding voices in the 2014 World Cup hosted in Brazil. One of the beautiful goals netted in by Muller was against the USA. The goal was set from a corner, and though the American goalie initially shot it out, it was met by Muller who hit the nest strongly. The solitary goal assured the Germans a much-deserved win against an adamant American side.

18. Portugal vs. Spain (2018) - Cristiano Ronaldo

During the game against Spain, Ronaldo had David De Gea staggering a few times. His thrilling goal was a freekick that went straight past the Spanish wall. The ball beautifully curved and got past De Gea. Ronaldo scored a hattrick to equalize 3-3 with Spain.

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19. Netherlands vs. Mexico (2014) - Wesley Sneijder

Wesley Sneijder is one of the greatest players to come from the Netherlands. In the 2014 World Cup, the Dutch proved his metal when they faced off against Mexico. In the subject goal, a corner was hit and Sneijder was waiting to strike the ball deep into the Mexican net.

20. Argentina vs. Iran (2014) - Lionel Messi

In the 2014 World Cup, Messi was sure to score. When his side went up against Iran, Messi decided to show the world what he had to offer. He received the ball, took a few paces to the corner of the penalty box, then shot an amazing curler that had the crowd up on their feet.

The Important Take Away

It is evident that goals will always stun the crowd and the football world. These goals have been nothing but exquisite. With an influx of talent in the football world, there is sure to be a lot more thrillers on the field.