Passive income online

It is extremely easy and fun to generate revenue by just sitting on your sofa and typing away in your laptop. Online passive income can make you a millionaire if you put in the right effort. Passive income can be defined as creation of online businesses that fully utilize available online platforms and banking systems. This kind of business does not require any form of physical appearance for money to be made and the ease in which enterprises transact is amazing. However note that it is a difficult task which requires absolute devotion and patience. The reward is beyond measure for those who succeed in setting up a good blog or website.

Here are the nine legal ways to generate passive income online:


It is a dream for most of us to posses their own businesses. Well, freelancing is probably the best idea if you are interested in creating a sole proprietorship. It is a hard task but can be achieved with the right set of skills. All fields of expertise can operate online as free lancers for example editors, bloggers, web designers, bakers etc. What anyone requires is an eye catching website , excellent marketing, and good reviews.

Stocks and Bonds

The best and easiest way to earn passive income is through trading in the stock market. Idle money lying in your bank account can be fully utilized in investments such as perpetuity, shares, stocks name it. But there is a catch, the higher the returns the higher the risk of losing cash. Be careful so you do not to lose every penny in the stock market. To avoid these risks, seek professional advise from a broker or financial advisor.

Online surveys

If you are risk averse try registering and participating in online surveys. Most companies today carry out sample surveys to test new products before launching them in the market. The sole purpose of these surveys is to predict if the new product will be a success (earn them profits). They pay a small amount at the end of each survey to your online account.

Affiliate marketing

It involves teaming up with companies by acting as a marketing agent for their products and services through advertising their work on your blog. The income will arise from commissions paid to your from each purchase made by a customer whom you have referred. In addition, more income will arise from the email subscriptions and followers plus visitors that your blog or web receives. This kind of venture requires some initiative and motivation to meet set targets. Lack of determination will automatically lead to termination of the contract.


This is particularly directed to those who can create good reading materials especially advice. For professionals who have established businesses writing an e book offering advise in their area of expertise is a plus. Make sure to quote the price and the online account number where buyers can wire their money to.

Online junk sales

This ventures is perfect to those who have stashed goodies in their basements which may be valuable to others. Selling them will earn you quick clean money. However you will eventually run out of items to sell so arguably it is not such a good business venture for someone looking for a permanent passive income stream.

Consultation service

Offering professional advice to people is the best way to help and also earn. Develop a website or blog to offer your advice to those who need it. At the beginning when you have few clientele you can offer free services until your customer number increases. Charge a fixed rate preferably per hour.

Selling ideas

Necessity is the mother of all inventions. You can earn handsomely just by a click of a button. Outsourcing innovations to companies or other entrepreneurs in online platforms can bring in a passive income stream. Sell the ideas and inventions you have to companies who have the finance to execute and develop your grand proposals into a reality.

Subscription fees

Any successful blog or website can be used to earn membership fee. Sell your work to membership sites where all visitors will be required to pay a fee top access your content. The best part is that your subscribers will be paying you a monthly fee. The content must be something of importance or else no one will subscribe. For example there are several tutorial sites especially for students. Such sites have a good number of subscribers because of the content provided.

There you have it, knowing this list is a good way to consider starting your very own online business, look for what will be the most advantageous way for you to make money online and do it!

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