To create real wealth, you have to invest your money. This is where you buy some assets that are bound to increase in value over time and multiply your money. There are various asset classes which allow you to accomplish this. They include stocks, bonds, commodities and fixed income securities. These ones offer you the opportunity to increase your wealth over time. Contrary to popular belief, you can invest any amount of money which you have. You do not need to begin with millions of dollars in investment capital for you to be wealthy. You can start with a much lower amount invested in various asset classes. Here are 15 ideas on where to invest your money , and while it could be less or more, by money we are considering a $15,000 investment capital.

Peer to Peer Lending (P2P)

Peer to Peer Lending sites offer you a great opportunity to invest in fixed-income securities. They are essentially online resources that allow people to borrow money anonymously and then pay it back with interest. Investors serve as the back-end sources of funds for these loans. When you invest in Peer to Peer Lending, you essentially buy small slices of loans. These have values of $25 each. You can invest a large chunk of your $15,000 capital in these loans. For example, you can use $5,000 to buy 200 notes. Each one will give you a 7% to 10% return on your investment. Moreover, your gains are cumulatively substantial enough to cover any risk of default that is involved. As such, investing in Peer to Peer Lending (P2P) is a good way to grow your money .

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Perform auto-pilot investing

Thanks to technology, you can perform investment on autopilot. There are services online that offer you the opportunity of investing in various instruments automatically. An example of such a service is Betterment. Often referred to as a robot investment advisor, this service can invest your money for you. It can perform instrument selection, asset allocation, tax loss management and rebalancing all for you. The advisor invests according to your personal appetite for risk. The return is healthy at between 5% to 10% per year. Moreover, the fees are low. It costs you $35 for every $10,000 you invest. A service such as Betterment is an exceptional way to invest your money .

Invest in the stock market through a discount brokerage

Are you already proficient in buying and selling stocks? If you believe that you can trade like the best, opening an account with a discount brokerage is a great idea. Thanks to the Internet, the process of doing this is easy and straightforward. There are companies which provide you with the opportunity to open discount brokerage accounts online. Examples of these are Etrade and Scottrade. They have tools which can help you become an investor who is highly skilled and sophisticated. The fees are low and you can make a good annual return.

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High yield Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Today, there are high yield CDs which you can get. They are offered by online banks and have higher returns than regular, traditional banks do. There are some reputable, effective online banks such as Capital One 360. This bank has features such as checking accounts, savings accounts and Certificates of Deposit (CDs). You also get debit cards which give you ATM access 24/7. Your deposits in professional online banks are covered by FDIC insurance up to the amount of $250,000. Therefore, you can invest your $15,000 capital in such online banks and enjoy good returns .

Begin working with Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)

Are you good at spotting and getting bargains? Then this idea is perfect for you. You can make some cash by buying items on Amazon at a bargain and then reselling them for a profit. You can do this through a service which is known as the Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). This one allows you to deliver your products to the online store. After that, they can market them and sell them online for you. In addition to that, the online store handles all the shipping costs. As a result, you get your clean profit. It is one of the most effective ways to sell products online. $15,000 is more than enough to invest in this sort of online venture.

Gain knowledge

Today, the most rewarding investment you can make is an investment in knowledge. You can lose everything else but you cannot lose what you know. You can spend some of your capital to invest in knowledge about trading stocks and other securities. There are online services which can teach you how to do this. An example of such a service is the Online Trading Academy. This one provides you with knowledge about trading concepts such as asset opportunities which have low risk and high return. Moreover, you can learn how to overcome your emotions and any bad financial habits that could be holding you back. The most important concept which you learn is how to construct a trading plan that is methodical and satisfies your personal investment goals.

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Create a motif

One of the most attractive investment instruments today is the mutual fund. This one allows you to invest in a collection of varied assets all at the same time. There are new platforms online that can help you to invest in assets spread all over the world. An example of such a platform is motif. This one allows you to invest your money in literally any asset imaginable. Examples are interest rates in European countries, energy in the Orient or the prospect of the excess supply or lack of natural gas in the West. Motif allows you to invest any amount of money in any asset class you want. The minimum investment is $250 and it will cost you only $9.95 for every $10,000 you invest. Motif is a good way to invest part or all of your $15,000 capital .

Invest in real estate

$15, 000 is more than enough to renovate a house and then flip it on the real estate market. Firstly, you need to have a house that is run down but has profit potential. Once you get it, you can use your capital to renovate it. You can begin by cleaning up and repainting the ceilings, install brand new floors all over the house and paint it in a modern, attractive color. After that, you can perform some landscaping where you plant new beautiful flower beds and tend to them. Don't forget to paint the welcome door of the house too. Once you do this, you can be sure of a 50% profit when you finally sell the house.

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Create a blog

This is a great idea for you to invest your money and generate unlimited returns. A blog is an inviting, often interactive website where you can post information for other people to read and learn something new. You can pick any range of topics for your blog. Examples of these are investment, healthcare, parenthood, sports, technology, finance and even career development. Let it be a topic that you know a lot about and are enthusiastic about too. The process normally begins with investing in a domain and building the blog. There are some online platforms that assist you to do this. Once you accomplish that, begin making posts and advertise your blog in social media and other platforms. Over time, you will begin to create a following and you can proceed to monetize your blog. You can earn from it by placing advertisements for brands, joining affiliate programs or even selling your own e-books through it. Starting a blog is a good idea of investing a small chunk of $15,000.

Invest in some college education

You may feel that your career needs a boost. If you do, then you can use your $15,000 to invest in some college education in a relevant field of industry. Investing in education is usually one of the most ideal investments that you can make today. $15,000 cannot cover the full cost of education at a prestigious university. However, it can cover much of the cost of study at a community college. You can take an associates degree in a field that you find intriguing or marketable in your industry. This is an investment that will keep on giving throughout your lifetime.

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Perform some personal, financial housekeeping

One of the most effective ways to invest $15,000 is to perform some personal financial housekeeping. This includes paying your debt, padding your IRA and also boosting you vacation fund. There are some helpful programs online which can assist you to learn how to handle your own financial matters. An example of such a program is the OTA Financial Matters curriculum. This one teaches you how to manage your money as well as strategies for investment. By investing in this form of knowledge, you can pay your debt sooner at an interest rate which is lower. Not only is this an investment in knowledge, it is an investment in a good quality of life.

Invest in a designation

You can use part of your $15,000 capital to invest in your personal brand. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by investing in designations. These are certificates or recognitions that you can learn so as to improve your career. Designations can increase your personal visibility, cement your credibility and encourage customers to invest in you. Today, designations can take the form of certifications. They are accessible and you can complete some of them online. Utilize some of your capital to invest in designations and you will observe lasting rewards.

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Invest in international index funds

Nomally, people tend to invest only in their home country economies. They do not spread out into other economies across the world. With your $15,000 capital, you can actually invest in assets that are located in emerging markets. Examples of these are commodities, bonds and stocks too. You can get a piece of these assets by investing in index funds that cover the emerging markets across borders. An example of such an index fund is the Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets ETF (VWO). This one offers you the chance to invest in the emerging markets and gain a return of 3.5% annually. Buying assets that are located in other markets is a great way to perform prudent, future-oriented investment.

Start a business of your own

With $15,000, you can easily start a personal business of your choice. This gives you the opportunity to be your own boss and escape the monotony of regular jobs. You can use some of the money to gain entrepreneurship skills. Learn how to to start a business and more importantly, how to keep it growing. It is always a great idea to start a business that you love and are passionate about. This allows you to stay committed and enthusiastic even when the business hits rough water. Always remember to use a business plan and get legal assistance with registering your business. This saves you lots of legal and financial headaches down the line.

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Begin a podcast venture

A podcast is essentially an audio blog. However, they are more flexible than blogs because they can be posted to other websites for the purpose of better exposure. Also, like blogs, you can monetize a podcast. Simply begin by registering to host one online. You can have a home website or blog for it too. After that, pick a topic or a range of subjects that you are motivated to pursue. Once you do so, make some podcasts and ask your listeners to donate to you. If you create a loyal fanbase, the donation can create a reliable and attractive stream of income for you. Another source of income for podcasts is advertisement. This is where you get paid to mention some brands, product or even other blogs in your podcasts. If your content is attractive and garners a substantial global following. You can make a heap of money from your podcasts. 

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The Important Take Away

When you have an investment capital, there are so many places where you can invest it and get a return. Some of these ideas have been fleshed out above. They are actionable, within the budget and all offer a positive rate of return. Read about them and invest your capital for a more secure financial future.