Many of us want to experience better lives. We desire to improve our health, relationships and even our fortunes. One of the most common ways to accomplish this is to follow the teachings of a personal development guru. One of the most well known ones is Tony Robbins. He is a leading author in the field of improving personal performance. In his best selling book, "Awaken the giant within", Tony shows you how to master your body, emotions, relationships, money and your life too. He is an expert in the psychological process of change. Thus, he provides a program that has practical steps which you can follow to identify your purpose in life, take control and steer the ship of your destiny. Here are some lessons we learned from "Awaken the giant within".

Your decisions determine your destiny

Your decisions are your tool to mold your destiny. Tony advises us that every new decision which you make creates a new path or course of action in your life. Your decisions essentially provide direction in your existence. By using your decisions you can change your life. A decision should be followed by an action. If there is no action, then you have not fully decided to enact a transformation in your life. Ensure that you follow through on your decisions. This can be accomplished by using the 5 qualities of a good decision. These are your belief, rules, reference points, values and emotional condition. By fine tuning these conditions, you can make high quality decisions that build you up and follow through on them.

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You can create instant change in your life

May people think that change takes a long time to perform. One major reason why they think so is because they have tried so many times to effect change without any positive results. Thus, they conclude that changing is difficult and takes a long time to do. According to Tony Robbins, the opposite is true. You can change in an instant. Majority of people think that change takes a long time because they do not know how to perform lasting change. They use willpower on its own. This is not a proper strategy of effecting lasting change in our lives. The author indicates that we should use willpower and reinforcement to create lasting, dramatic change in our lives.

Once you make a decision to change, effect the change immediately. After that, reinforce it. This is done by conditioning the nervous system to accept the change. The nervous system is responsible for feeling. This sensory condition extends to feeling emotion too. Thus, you can reinforce change by asking yourself some critical questions. For example, you can induce pain by asking yourself, "What will I lose if I don't make this change?" You know that the answer causes you pain. To escape the pain, you will make the change. You can then perform further reinforcement by inducing pleasure. You can ask yourself, "What will I gain when I make this change?". The answer is positive and makes you feel good. By performing this sort of reinforcement regularly, you can change instantly and maintain your new condition.

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We can use our beliefs to change our lives

A belief is the condition of being certain about something. It is the confidence that a certain activity will cause a desired effect in our lives. For example, getting a good job will lead to a nicer life. According to Tony Robbins, it is not the job which will lead to a nicer life but the belief behind this thought. The beliefs we hold on to can change our lives for the better or worse. Beliefs are general opinions that we generated in our past and held on to. They are created out of our interpretation of pain or pleasure. It is entirely possible to change a belief. How can you do this? Simply link pain to the old belief and pleasure to the one you want to start believing. This is a sure way to transform your life by changing your perspective.

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Come up with rules for your life that promote your pleasure and reduce your pain

A rule is essentially a belief which indicates the things which needs to happen for you to feel pleasure. For example, some people have a rule that they will only relax in the evening after they have a glass of wine. How can we apply this nature of rules to ensure a happy, productive life for ourselves? Tony indicates that we can do this by creating rules which make us feel amazing and that do not rely on events that are beyond our control. Let your rules for happiness hinge on things and situations that are within your reach. In this way, you can avoid disappointment since your rules depend on internal events.

You can get exactly what you want in your life

Do you have everything that you really want in life? Are you living the life that you have always wanted? Majority of us do not live this way. There are still many things that we wish we would have in our lives. Tony Robbins shows us how to get everything that we want in life. He indicates that the key to this is simply to change how we feel. According to him, we are more likely to get what we want if we feel confident enough to get it. Our level of self-confidence affects how we act. If our level of confidence is high we act in an excellent way. Otherwise, we perform poorly. Thus, we can induce self-confidence by doing things that make us feel confident. This state of mind and body is sufficient to help us get exactly what we want. Tony says that we can tune our emotions to feel confident. Doing this transforms our bodies and makes us hold ourselves in a confident way. This combination results in an appearance of strength, flexibility and power. With this sort of appearance, you can get anything you want.

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The Important Take Away

Tony Robbins is always full of constructive advice. His book, "Awaken the giant within", is a guideline on how you can transform yourself into your ideal image. By following the lessons above, you can change yourself into the man or woman that you always dreamed you could be. Learning these lessons can work wonders in your life and change it for the better, permanently.