Disruptive Technologies

A disruptive technology or idea is one that creates a brand new market. It also creates its own value network. By doing this, it disrupts the existing markets and networks. It also displaces the leaders in the market and any alliances that have already been established. Here are some disruptive ideas and technologies that you should watch out for as an entrepreneur today.

1. Wearable technology creates the quantified being

One of the latest technologies in the market today is wearable devices. Examples are the Samsung and the Apple smartwatches. They host applications that can analyze, record and report data about the wearer's body. This ability has many potential applications for example athletes, military personnel and children.

2. Sharing cab rides

Uber is a major disruptive technology. Many people prefer to use Uber instead of the subway or other taxi companies. It has disrupted how the taxi industry works and is valued in the billions.

3. Separation of the Blockchain from Bitcoin

Blockchain is the fundamental technology that makes Bitcoin a commodity that people can invest in. It is a publicly available ledger that has records of all Bitcoin transactions ever made. Seeing as Bitcoin is a popular digital currency, the Blockchain is growing to include new sets of data and securing against double spending. It is going to be separated so as to become the ultimate online money exchange.

4. Extending your lifetime through Genomics

Genomics is the study of human genome. Doctors use Genomics to create a blueprint of the human body on a genetic level. By using supercomputers and deeper studies of Genomics, scientists indicate that they will be able to extend human life by between 6 months and 2 years by 2025.

5. The Internet of Things

Some of the objects and appliances in our lives today are connected to the Internet. We can program them and use them to communicate through this Internet of Things. Consultants in the field of IT indicate that all technological devices in our lives will be interconnected through this Internet in the very near future.

6. Vision for computers

Technology innovators have created algorithms that can be used to instruct computers how to see their surroundings and make sense of them. Briefcam and Mobileye are two technologies that have been developed towards this vision.

7. Interfaces for machine-machine and machine-human interaction

By using detectors, sensors and various operating platforms, machines are being taught how to recognize gestures and respond to them in the way that a user desires. the MUV Interactive ring is one of the foremost examples of this.

8. Improved mobile productivity

Personal assistance applications are hot now and will keep growing. With the assistance of super computers that can crunch big data, these applications will be able to improve your day to day life by helping you to organize and maximize your time.

9. Smarter storage of data

Traditionally, data has been stored in magnetic devices. Industry innovators have come up with hybrid storage solutions that allow you to store much more than you do now. They use a combination of flash and magnetic storage.

10. Better cyber-security measures

With hackers being the top threats to computer systems across the world, technology teams are always innovating ways to keep them out. Today, they seek to leverage the power of big data and analytical computing to create smarter detection tools for the IT systems in organizations.

11. Immunotherapy

Players in the Big Pharma industry are investing quite heavily in this concept. This form of therapy will regulate the immune system. It will tone it down so as to prevent the destructive effects of autoimmune diseases. It will also boost the immune system to deal with serious diseases like cancer.

12. Programmed advertising

Computerized smart analytics will heavily disrupt the industry of advertising. By using algorithms, modern ad agencies use computers to program and monetize advertisements.

13. Making networks extremely fast

There are new IT solutions to accelerate data traffic in networks. By using applications and extensions, the speeds of Intra and Internets will be increased significantly.

14. Medicine that is much less invasive

The idea of comfort has been extended into the examination room. Companies have come up with ways to diagnose and provide therapy for diseases and conditions. Examples of these are re-engineered instruments of surgery and medicine administration that are less painful and dramatically shorten the medical procedures. 

15. Regenerative medical systems

There are many diseases caused by a degeneration of the human body. Examples of these are type 1 diabetes and osteoporosis. Bonus BioGroup is a company that has innovated regenerated bone. This will help to cure diseases that cause bones to degenerate.