Graduating is always an exciting event for college students. It marks the end of the student life and the beginning of the adult life. One of the questions that we ask graduates is, "What do you plan to do after graduation?". Some of them already know what they want while others are still figuring it out. After this one, the next question is, "Where are you going to do it?" Location is very important if you want to live a good life. It is important to consider a number of factors before moving to a particular city after graduation. Examples of these factors include the rate of unemployment, average salaries and crime rate. After such an analysis, some cities perform better than others. Do you want to know the most ideal ones? Here are the 20 best cities you should consider as a new college graduate.

1. Atlanta, USA

This is a well known city in the Southern part of the United States. It is a big city that is ideal for recent college graduates. The rate of unemployment is very low at only 4.4%. Also, accommodation is affordable. For example, you can rent a 1 bedroom apartment in Atlanta for approximately $1,300 per month. Well known for its multicultural community, Atlanta is one of the bigger cities in the U.S. Many big companies have their headquarters in Atlanta. Examples of these are the Coca Cola Company, the United Parcel Service (UPS) and Home Depot. This means that you can get a job in this city no matter which major you chose to pursue in college. In addition to that, there are many graduate schools near Atlanta. Examples include Georgia Tech and Emory University.

2. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The economy of the UAE is one of the best performing in the world. Backed by resources such as oil and precious metals, it is an ideal location for international investors. This active business environment makes it a great place to live in after graduation. This is the period during which you decide exactly what you want to do with your life. Abu Dhabi exposes you to various cultures in an environment of capital and investment. In this way, you can pick out literally any profession and pursue it with great reward.

3. Taipei, Taiwan

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This is one of the most intriguing cities in Asia. Taipei is full of modern amenities combined with centuries of culture and natural parks. Essentially a city on an island, the paradise lifestyle is highly attractive. Living here after graduation allows you to find a profession as you relax after years of study. There are benefits for foreigners working in the city. In addition to that, the economic environment is stable and there is substantial investment. This results in jobs for graduates. The people of Taipei are welcoming. As such, you can create a good social and professional foundation for your life in this city after graduation.

4. Moscow, Russia

Despite the unique language and method of writing, Moscow is one of the ideal places to live in after you graduate. The city is full of entertainment spots and has a vibrant social scene. It is an industrialized city. Therefore, you have high chances of getting a well paying job. There is comfortable access to good healthcare and graduate education. Before you pack up your bags and fly there, learn some basic Russian and get some skills on how to read their Cyrillic writing too. As far as European cities go, Moscow is a good one for recent graduates.

5. Washington D.C., USA

This is the main political city in the U.S. If your major is associated with governance, this city is an ideal place to live after graduation. There are literally hundreds of government jobs available in this city. The law often goes along with governance. Therefore, Washington D.C. is also full of job opportunities in the legal sector. Moreover, it hosts some of the top law schools in the country. Examples of these are Howard University Law School and Georgetown University. If you are a law graduate looking to continue your studies, this is the city to live in. The rate of unemployment is low at only 4.1% and accommodation is highly affordable too. For example, a one bedroom apartment costs $2,200 per month to rent. Washington, D.C. is an ideal location to begin your life as a professional after college.

6. Mexico City, Mexico

This city is a good place to live in after graduation. It is even more ideal if you majored in social sciences or international relations. This is because Mexico City is a hotbed of culture. There are people from many different nationalities all living in one city. This makes it full of pomp, color, history and charm. Do you enjoy teasing your taste buds? If so, Mexico City is a cuisine heaven. 82% of all foreigners living in Mexico indicate that they love the food. It is affordable to live in this city and the career prospects are comfortable. If you want to live and work among people from various cultures, Mexico City is the place to be. 

7. Bern, Switzerland

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If you want to develop a stable career after graduation, this is one of the cities that you should live in. Bern is a multicultural metropolis in a peaceful, highly industrialized country. Well known for its strong financial industry, it is ideal for those who majored in business and finance courses. The social scene is always active as well. The city of Bern is an ideal location for you after graduation.

8. Seattle, USA

This city is known across the world for hosting the headquarters of Microsoft. It is also home to the e-commerce giant, Amazon. Seattle is ideal for you as a college graduate because you can get some employment in the fields of engineering or computers. Approximately 60% of people older than 25 years in Seattle have their first degree. As such, you can learn from them. The city has literally thousands of acres of parks. Therefore, it is fondly referred to as the Emerald City. Learn, work and play in Seattle after you graduate.

9. New Delhi, India

India is one of the rising economic giants in the world. This attracts many people to its shores and you can be one of them. New Delhi is its capital city. It is an ideal location to live in after graduation due to the good career prospects. The atmosphere for investment is quite good. There are companies setting up shop in New Delhi and jobs are abundant. The cost of living in this city is low and housing is cheap and available. The people are welcoming and there is rarely a dull moment in New Delhi. After you graduate, get on a plane and experience some Indian hospitality in this city.

10. Pittsburgh, USA

Referred to as Steel City, Pittsburgh is a good location to live in after you graduate. It has a very low cost of living. Accommodation is fairly affordable and there are hundreds of units available for rent. Moreover, there are jobs for you in various fields. Examples of these fields are science, the arts, business and management. There is also a high population of people between the ages of 25 and 34. Therefore, Pittsburgh is a good city to live in after college.