One of the hobbies which is shared by many people across the world is reading. Books are able to evoke imagination, emotions and inform us about fictional or factual events. With genres such as horror, thriller, suspense, crime and romance, books are ever present entertainment. Studies have indicated that reading books actually makes us smarter. The Flynn Effect is where reading increases our fluid intelligence. Thus, we are able to see patterns more easily and solve problems quicker. Therefore, it is beneficial to read books every day. How can you achieve this? Read on to learn how to easily develop the habit of reading daily.

Borrow a book from the library

We live in a world where technology is always around us. We have smartphones, tablets and even laptop computers ready to use for tasks such as reading. Why would you want to go to the library in search of a book when you can simply download it and read it on your tablet? This is because of the deadlines. Libraries have deadlines for borrowed books. Interestingly, deadlines that are set by other people are always good motivators for high performance. Therefore, you will automatically strive to read your book more if you know that you have to return it by a certain date. If your library has a notification service, subscribe to it so that it can keep you on your toes and inspire regular reading.

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Read everywhere you go

To develop a permanent habit of voracious reading, make a point of reading everywhere you go. Carry your book or tablet with you so as to read on the go. There are many ways to read more during your day. For example, you can show up earlier for appointments and read while in the waiting room. This entertains you while ensuring that you are on time for the appointment. You can also read during your lunch break and while waiting in queues. Many books today have audiobook versions. Thus, you can listen to these while in your car. The places where you can enjoy some reading are simply endless.

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Cut back on other types of entertainment

There are many other activities which we can perform for fun. Examples of these are watching television, surfing the Internet and playing video games. Due to their audio-visual nature, these sources of entertainment can make reading a book seem boring or unexciting in comparison. Therefore, if you want to cultivate a habit of reading every day, begin by cutting back on these particular past time activities. Moreover, use up the time which you normally use in these activities for reading instead.

Schedule some time every day for reading

Majority of us have very busy lives. We are always on the move juggling our careers, family life, recreation and fitness. Therefore, it can be very difficult to find some free time during which you can read a book. Therefore, if you want to develop a habit of reading, ensure that you set aside some time every day for your book. This does not have to be a long time. Anywhere between 15 minutes and an hour is perfect for reading a favorite book and making progress in its plot. Reading time can be in the morning before work or in the evening right before bed. Assigning some time to reading gives it importance and respect. This helps to make the activity more permanent in your life.

Create a reading list

One of the activities to perform so as to establish a habit of reading daily is creating a reading list. This is a list of books which you intend to read over a specific period of time such as one year. If you have a number of authors whose work you already love, include their titles in the list. On the other hand, if not, you can perform some research to find out the top titles in your favorite genres. Create a reading list with a maximum of 20 books. This is a good number to begin with. Strive to read all of them in one year. This will help you to create and maintain a habit of reading daily.

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Maintain a book log

This is a record of all the books which you have read. It goes hand in hand with the reading list. This log should have various details about your book. Examples of these are its title and the author. It should also have the date that you began reading it and the date on which you finish. Moreover, add a special note at the side of each entry indicating what you thought about the book. After a few months of dedicated reading, you will feel tremendously satisfied to review the log and see your progress. It is a motivating way to maintain a reading habit.

Read to your child

One of the best ways to bond with your child is through reading. Take some time to read a book to them for at least 20 minutes before bedtime. There are many books that are ideal for children. Pick out one that is interesting to both of you and turn bedtime reading into a routine. Over time, this will turn into a permanent reading habit for you and an investment in knowledge for your child.

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Understand when to give up on reading a particular book

The activity of reading should always be enjoyable, fun and exciting. You should be enthusiastic to turn the next page every time you pick up your book to read. Thus, if you begin reading a book and find that it is becoming boring or does not captivate you enough, simply stop reading it and move on to something more exciting. Casual reading should not be a burden but a relaxing activity to look forward to.

Make the reading session as pleasurable as possible

Do you have some activities which you perform that make you feel good? Examples can be sipping on some tea or nibbling on some cupcakes. Do you enjoy sitting on your porch or on the beach? You can perform these activities as you read your books so as to make the whole experience as pleasurable as possible. Ensure that you have a relaxing environment prepared and some tasty treats to bite during reading time. This will motivate you to keep reading every day without fail.

The Important Take Away

Reading opens you up to a fantastic world where anything is possible. Characters can come to life in your imagination. They can entertain and teach you all at the same time. The tips above can help you to create a habit of reading. Do you want to improve your language, get smarter and relax for some time every day? Read the tips above and apply them in your life.