Their lives are characterized by high fashion, luxury homes, cars and private jets. They are respected and recognized everywhere they go. Billionaires are the icons of today. We all want to be like them. We desire the political, financial and social power that they command. Examples of these highly influential people are Mark Zuckerberg, Sir Richard Branson, Lord Alan Sugar, Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey. While we may not command the sets of skills that they possess, we can mimic how they live their lives and get on the fast track to achieve success too. Here are 10 morning rituals that are common to all billionaires.

They get up very early

One of the resources that we have to manage every day is time. It is precious and every second counts. Billionaires are often the captains of their industries. This means that they have a million things to do every single day. As such, their time can be consumed by these activities and the day can end with them having not completed their to-do list. Thus, they simply get up earlier. Lord Alan Sugar and Jack Dorsey are billionaires. They wake up at 5:00am and 5:30am respectively. This is to squeeze every single minute of their day to make it productive.

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They engage in some exercise

The wealthiest people in the world begin their days with some exercise. They can engage in some aerobics, lift weights or even jog. They choose to perform this activity in the morning so that it does not get forgotten among all their other daily responsibilities. Exercising in the morning helps to keep the levels of stress down and combats the negative effects of a diet which is high in fat. Moreover, regular exercise boosts your confidence levels and helps you to stay more focused throughout your day. Richard Branson is a British billionaire who exercises every morning without fail.

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The most important projects are completed early in the morning

Each of us has an important project which we have to complete every day. The billionaires of the world also have such projects. They dedicate the wee hours of the morning to complete them. This is because the early morning hours are the ones when the billionaires can work without interruption. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is well known to be one of the people who enjoy working in the early hours of the morning.

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They complete a personal project

Personal projects are the ones that light up your heart with desire and boost your levels of enthusiasm. They can take any form. For example, a personal project can be a painting, a sculpture, a book or even playing games. Billionaires understand the importance of personal happiness. Thus, they schedule their personal projects in the morning before all the hustle and stress of their jobs.

Engaging in a Do-It-Yourself approach to life

When we imagine the lives of billionaires, we see them living in lavish mansions where everything is done for them. Billionaires actually do quite a lot for themselves. They have a Do-It-Yourself approach to life. For example, they will prepare and pack their own lunch in the morning before going to work. Charlie Ergen is the chairman of the Dish Network and is worth $16.3 billion dollars. He regularly makes his own breakfast and packs his own lunch too. Despite having staff to do things for them, billionaires truly enjoy taking control of the more personal elements in their lives.

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Engage in some reading

Knowledge is power. Many billionaires around the world understand this simple but poignant fact. Thus, they spend their mornings reading something that can assist them to achieve more in life. Picking out a book to read and engaging in this activity on a daily basis allows the billionaires to learn more and apply the knowledge in their lives for success in business, family or health. Warren Buffet is the world's foremost investor. He is worth over $66 billion and is an avid reader. He indicates that reading helps him to think clearly and avoid making the impulsive decisions that have brought ruin to so many of his competitors.

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Perform some meditation

For thousands of years, people have engaged in meditation. This is the practice of spending some time in a state of mental calm. This practice is known to have a collection of benefits for those who engage in it. Today, billionaires place meditation at the top of their to-do list for every day. James Simons is a billionaire who meditates every morning. Not only does it improve their mental health, meditation helps billionaires to focus better on their day to day tasks.

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Spending time with family

Many billionaires value time spent with family. Not only does this make their inter-personal bonds stronger, interacting with family is a relaxing activity that everyone enjoys. As such, the wealthiest people in the world spend time every morning with their family. An example of such a billionaire is Carlos Slim Helu. The Brazilian telecoms magnate spends his waking hours with his six children and grandchildren.


Having a daily plan makes you ready for the day's activities. Taking the time to list down the tasks which you hope to perform is an activity which billionaires swear by. Many billionaires spend the first few hours of their morning planning on how to go about their day. This plan can have business, family and social life elements in it. Not only does it chart a way forward through the day, a daily plan can help you to prioritize your activities so that you complete the most important ones first.

They connect with their spouses

Quite a number of billionaires are married or in committed relationships. They have partners to share life with. As such, they make time in the morning to connect with their partners. This is so as to avoid getting too busy throughout the day for their signficant other. Sharing breakfast, exercising together or even sharing experiences is an ideal way through which billionaires bond with their partners before anything else.

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The Important Take Away

There are some activities which billionaires engage in before anything else during the day. These activities are indicated above. Not only are they empowering, they seek to improve the connection between these wealthy individuals and their environment. Adopt them and share in the life of the rich and fabulous.