Retirement is the period in our lives where we enjoy our sunset years in relaxation and the company of our friends and family. These are the years of old age when we can travel and see the world or enjoy our favorite hobbies such as golf, knitting, cooking or embroidery. Young people are encouraged to set up retirement funds. These ones help them to save up enough money for this period of life. There are also funds which invest your retirement money for you. These funds can help you to create wealth that you can actively enjoy in your retirement. When you have a sizeable amount of savings to enjoy, you have the freedom to retire in any country that you want. Here are the best countries where you should consider retiring.


Mexico is one of the most popular locations for retirement in the world. As a matter of fact, more than a million people from America live in Mexico. The capital city of this country is Mexico City. This country attracts retirees due to its sunny weather and close location to the United States. The peso is weaker than the US dollar and many other currencies from developed nations. Thus, you can enjoy a low cost of living while retiring in Mexico. The rent prices in Mexico are rock-bottom because the real estate sector is still feeling the effects of The Great Recession. Moreover, the healthcare is easily affordable and seniors can enjoy medication at extra discounts. These are made possible by the INAPAM card. This one helps you to stretch your finances throughout the year. With attractive sites all over and magical resorts in Cancun, Mexico is a superb retirement country today. However, you need to perform some research before you go because some states in Mexico still suffer from drug-related violence.

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This country is regarded as one of the top first-world countries to retire in. Located in Europe, Spain is a country where a couple can live comfortably for as low as $1,900 every month inclusive of rent. Moreover, the Mediterranean cuisine allows you to enjoy nutritious cuisine that is tasty and healthy. The country features long, white, sandy beaches such as Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol. The largest cities in Spain are Madrid and Barcelona. They are globally known for culture and advancement but are much cheaper to live in than comparable ones such as Paris and London. In retirement, you can live in Spain for less than $2,200 every month. The people are welcoming and majority are able to speak fluent English. Moreover, you can enjoy a laid back lifestyle and enjoy the parks and city streets. The weather is warm and the colorful culture makes Spain ideal for retirement.


This is one of the most attractive countries to retire in. They have policies and financial infrastructure that is aimed at making life better for retirees living in this country. An example of this is the Pensionado Visa Program. This is a program where you can get a special Visa card as a pensioner living in Panama. The card allows you to enjoy benefits such as 50% off on all entertainment, 25% discounts on airplane tickets and 30% off on public transport. The Pensionado Visa card also allows you to enjoy sizeable discounts on the property which you bring into the country. To qualify for this special Panamanian pensioner benefit, you need to prove that you have a lifetime income of more than $1,000 every month or $1,250 if you are a couple. Moreover, there is no minimum age to retire in Panama. The country is well known for its high industrialization thanks to the Panama Canal. Warm weather, friendly people and numerous attractions make Panama an amazing retirement location.


This is a South American country which has grown so much and experienced significant progress. It has great infrastructure and renewable energy sources too. The roads are smooth and no longer dotted with potholes. Moreover, the country enjoys renewable energy from windmills in the countryside. Thus, the energy costs are low. In Nicaragua, you can get a resident's card really fast. Therefore, it is easy to settle and retire in this country. Moreover, you can still enjoy the facilities available in developed countries. Examples of these are malls, advanced electronic appliances and classy beverages. Examples of malls in Nicaragua are Walmart and PriceSmart. You can also get Nicaraguan cuisine and international food too such as almond oil, quinoa, turkey and shitaki mushrooms. Healthcare is also affordable, there are no traffic jams and you can live on less than $1,500 every month. It is a great place to retire.


This is a Mediterranean island country which is known for its sapphire blue waters and golden sunsets. It also has cities featuring stone that is honey-hued and contrasts with white cliffs at the shore. Moreover, it has 300 days of sunny weather every year. These are just some of the reasons why Malta is such an attractive place to retire. The country is made up of two main islands. These are Malta and Gozo. Both have a relaxed atmosphere, and a community that is mainly English-speaking. The country has a very low cost of living. As a result, a couple can live in Malta for $2,700 every month. Rent can cost only $800 per month in Sliema city and dinners out cost only $25 per individual. Good healthcare is also quite affordable and you can pay for healthcare out of pocket. Visitations to the doctor's office cost only $20 to $65. Thus Malta is an economically viable country to retire in. 

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The Important Take Away

Retirement should be one of the most enjoyable phases of life. At this point you should be able to enjoy your wealth, see your children and possibly grandchildren grow up. You should be free to enjoy your hobbies and do everything you couldn't as a young person. These countries are able to provide you with a safe, attractive setting to engage in these activities. Before you head to any one of them, make sure to visit and live there for a while to see if you can fit there. Moreover, see if it has everything you need and want so as to enjoy a good quality of life. They are great canvases to paint the picture of your retirement.