Sleep is our body’s way of recharging for the next day. Obviously it is one of the most important requirements for our bodies to keep going. Sleep is also a key component to having good physical health overall. Sleep is required for our bodies to be able to heal and repair our heart and blood vessels. Our bodies need the necessary amount of sleep every night to grow and stay healthy. People who are sleep deprived on a regular basis often have a difficult time fighting off infections, which as a result leaves them feeling even worse! Quality sleep helps prevent heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, obesity, kidney disease and diabetes. You might not realize this, but your body reacts to insulin and the affects of a good nights sleep can play a role in how hungry you feel when you are rested versus when you are not rested.

So, what can you do to get a great quality of sleep? Check out these 5!

1. Cherry Juice

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First on our list is one of the MOST affordable options out there to help get quality sleep each night. Cherry juice! Who would have thought that a juice could affect your quality of sleep? Well, picking a healthy cherry juice from your local grocery store can do so! We’ve all read articles about how drinking red wine can help you relax and doze off but alcohol actually disrupts your natural sleep cycles. So, while it may help you fall asleep, you don’t stay asleep. For this reason and many more, cherry juice is the better alternative. Cherry juice is filled with melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that helps regulate your body’s sleep cycles. How much and how often? Well, studies show that drinking two glasses of tart cherry juice each day will help you fall into a deep sleep sooner! Don’t fret! Those two glasses are affordable. You can find tart cherry juice at your local grocery store priced between $5.00-$10.00. 

2. Jawbone UP bracelet

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Next up on our list of affordable things to buy for a better quality sleep is the Jawbone UP bracelet. Fitness trackers such as Jawbone bracelets and Fitbit are widely known for tracking your every step and logging calories burned, but did you know they could track your sleep? Jawbone’s UP bracelet can be worn to monitor sleep cycles. So, what’s the point? Tracking your sleep cycle provides invaluable information. You can see how much “deep” sleep and “light” sleep your body is actually getting. This tracker tells you how many times you wake up throughout the night leading to a total number of quality hours of sleep. As a result, those who were the Jawbone UP bracelet are more likely to make daily changes that aid in better sleep patterns. Pair it with the new UP 3.1 app to help correlate your diet and sleep patterns for better overall sleep and health! You can purchase this bracelet for under $30 on 

3. Essential Oils

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What do Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, and Marjoram all have in common? Well, these essential oils are sure to help you achieve better quality sleep on a budget with an aromatherapy diffuser. Each of these essential oils has been proven to help aid in better sleep. Don’t worry, you’re not expected to use them all together! But, you can mix and match as you please. Lavender has been used by many for years in a variety of ways. Vetiver comes from the roots of plants, causing it to have an “earthy” smell, which is why we suggest mixing this oil with roman chamomile and/or lavender. Both of which are good for better sleep. Sandalwood and cedarwood also help achieve better quality sleep, but keep in mind these oils are better suited for those who like earthy, woody scents. Bergamot will provide you with a citrusy smell but rather than waking you up, this essential oil works to balance your thoughts thus resulting in a more relaxed state to fall asleep. If fruity smells are not your favorite, then Ylang Ylang might be the perfect oil for you to use. This floral smelling oil will be sure to help you improve the quality of your sleeping time. If you prefer the floral smell of Ylang Ylang, go ahead and try using Roman Chamomile. This essential oil will work to calm, sooth, and relax your brain before you doze off. Essential oils don’t just have one use, take Marjoram for example. It is widely known to help with muscles and joints but this oil aids in peaceful sleep as well. Diffusers and essential oils can be purchased for a wide variety of prices online depending on the amount and brand ordered. 

4. SleepShield

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Landing the #4 spot on our list of 5 affordable things you need to buy for a better quality of sleep list is known as SleepShield. Sleep shields are used on electronic devices to reduce the amount of blue light. What’s the point? Well, we all know electronics are commonly used right before bed. Well, cell phones, computers, e-readers, televisions all put off blue light. Studies have shown that short-wavelength light a.k.a. blue light, has an effect on the circadian clock AND on melatonin suppression. Meaning, more exposure to blue light results in less REM sleep, alertness before sleeping, and difficulty falling asleep at night. These filters can be applied to electronic device screens to reduce the blue light. Look up Sleep shields for your electronic devices on Amazon, prices range from $13-$40!

5. Hibernate Sleep Headphones

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Last but not least on our list better quality sleep is something so simple. Headphones. But, not just any headphones, Hibermate Sleep Headphones, which are designed to be sleek and comfortable. No one wants to sleep with big bulky, metal-framed headphones! These comfortable headphones can be used to block out sounds you don’t want to hear OR to listen to classical, calming music to ease your brain into sleep mode. You can own your own pair of Hibermate Sleep Headphones for just $27 from Hibermate also makes a variety of these headphones with different added features. 

The Important Take Away

Plain and simple, sleep is crucial for our bodies. These 5 products can help achieve better quality sleep for anyone looking to catch some extra sleep. Better quality sleep lends for better overall health