It takes patience, strategy and hard work to build a successful business. Many people wait until they are in college or even after they graduate so as to build a business. A person who starts a business is known as an entrepreneur. They innovate a product or service that is new and pursue it as a business venture. There are a unique few who build these businesses when they are exceptionally young. Despite their youth, they pursue their ambition and even achieve million dollar revenues. Here are 20 under 20 entrepreneurs who built successful businesses.

Jason Li

At the tender age of 15, Jason is the founder and proprietor of iReTron, an electronics refurbishment company. With a $2,000 loan from his father, Jason created the company from his bedroom. The company buys old electronics from people, refurbishes them and sells them for a profit. When asked what advice he has for budding entrepreneurs like him, he said they should never give up.

Austin Jackson

Founder and owner of Zuram, Austin is one of the young entrepreneurs under 20 years old. At age 18, he oversees all operations of his website construction and maintenance business. They build websites for businesses and manage the social media accounts for these enterprises. With 31 clients already investing in his services, Austin estimates that revenues will be more than $50,000 this year. He indicates that to be successful, you should focus and strategize on one thing at a time.

Jeffrey Owen Hanson

His is a story of overcoming adversity with pure talent. While receiving chemotherapy for a condition affecting his nervous system, 12 year old Jeffrey Owen Hanson discovered his talent in art. His visitors were often fraught with sadness. So his mom got the idea to bring note cards for Jason to paint with water colors for his visitors to cheer them up. Over time, Jason began to paint on canvasses and his artistic talent became very noticeable. Thanks to the Make A Wish foundation, he met Elton John and handed him a painting. From there, he got many high profile clients and began to rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now aged 18 and healthy, he still paints for a living.

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Daniel Schlessinger

It is very important for your skin to remain well moisturized. 18 year old Daniel noticed that his hands and lips were getting overly dry during the winter months. He tried all sorts of balms to no avail. So he decided to make his own. By performing extensive research, talking to chemists and investing in over 50 different formulae, he finally had the perfect product. Branded as FixMySkin, Daniel's product is hugely popular as a topical balm for dry skin. He gets over $60,000 in revenue every year.

Catherine Cook

At only 19 years old, she is one of the founders of the third largest social site in the US. Along with her brother, Catherine founded MyYearBook.com. Together, they raised a total of $17 million for the site. She is well on the fast track to billions.

Ashley Qualls

She is the famous creator of WhatEverLife.com. Her website was full of layouts that you could have used for your MySpace page (if you still have one). These layouts are specifically directed towards the female demographic. Ashley is only 20 years old and her site receives over 250,000 visitors every single day. With a net worth of $4 million, Ashley is a successful entrepreneur at her young age.

Juliette Brindak

Founder and owner of the hugely famous website, MissOandFriends.com, Juliette is only 20 years old and already massively successful. She is worth $42 million. Her website targets girls and women. She has also written a book that sold over 120,000 copies.

Tyler Dikman

He is the successful founder and owner of Cooltronics. It is a company that he started 13 years ago. Through his company, Tyler teaches people how to clean up their computers to get rid of viruses. He makes money through subscription and advertising on his website. He is 20 years old.

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Jessica Mah

Sheis only 19 years old and has already received over $1 million in startup funding. Jessica is the founder of Indinero.com. She is no stranger to business. This is because she had already launched a startup when she was only 13 years old.

Brian Wong

Also taking advantage of the Internet to make a fortune, Brian is currently working on a website known as Klip.me. His efforts are being funded by a venture capital frim known as True Ventures. Brian is exceptionally sharp. He has skipped a total of 4 grades and at 19, he is one of the brightest young stars in technology.

Mark Bao

Intensity could be this guy's middle name. Mark is only 18 years old and has successfully launched over 10 startup businesses. An example is Threewords.me which he sold recently. All on the Internet, Mark's enterprises give him enough revenue to set his eyes on a net worth of $10 billion. Quite ambitious, Mark also wants to change the world.

Gloson Teh

One of the few young entrepreneurs who has made it outside the world of technology, Gloson is a published poet. The young man is only 12 years old. His work has been bought, read and adored by thousands of readers. Gloson also met the Prime Minister of Malaysia. He also runs a blog where he gives tips on poetry.

Stephen Ou

He is a wonder child who has already launched a total of 5 entrepreneurial projects by the age of 25. One of these is the Ohboard. It is a whiteboard application for the Google Chrome browser. He is well on the path to success.

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Hunter Owens

Taking the corporate route, Hunter is very capable in a business setting. He is the current director of marketing at Accelsor corporation. He also sits on the board at many other startup companies. In addition to that, Hunter founded his own website known as MyTechQuestion. This business whiz is only 19 years old.

Robert Nay

A self taught app creator, Robert is the mind behind Bubble Ball. This application beat Angry Birds to take pole position in the iTunes appstore. He is only 14 years old and has caused a significant buzz in the world of technology. Robert has many top IT companies expressing interest in purchasing his creations.

Kristopher Tate

He is 20 years old and owns one of the most successful websites on the Internet. His enterprise is known as Zoomr.com. It allows people to upload pictures, edit them and tag them to each other. The website is highly social and is praised for its accuracy, speed and effectiveness in connecting people. Kristopher is on a path to millions with it.

Paul Borque

He is only 19 and has created one of the most successful affiliate networks on the Internet. Through his enterprise known as Uber Affiliate, he has guided over 544,120 readers to make money on the Internet. Through his efforts, the young Paul earns a total of $500,000 every month. Through his venture, his earning potential only grows and grows.

Carl Ocab

Also the founder and proprietor of an affiliate company, Carl helps people to make money on the Internet. Through private advertisements, Carl makes sales and earns a living. He is 15 years old and is hugely successful. He uses his age to his advantage in the tagline of his website.

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David Wilkinson

He was very fond of videogames while younger. Today, he is an Internet entrepreneur at age 14. He owns a website known as AffiliateDefined.com. He guides people on how to turn the Internet into a money-making machine. In addition to this enterprise, David also owns Zi Media.

Thilak Raj Rao

Anyone who thinks that blogging is not a stable means of income should consult Thilak. The young guy is only 18 years old and is making thousands of dollars every month from his blogging exploits. He indicates that his success is due to laser sharp focus and staying true to his goals. Rao's blog is known as tech-buzz.net.

The Important Take Away

Today, you can make it at literally any age. The young people in this list did not let their youth be a limitation. They worked hard, built successful enterprises and proved that age is just a number. You can emulate them and make a fortune of your own too.