For decades, we have enjoyed movies. Many people relish the idea of going to the cinema and watching a movie featuring our favorite actors or actresses. Some other people enjoy buying a movie and enjoying it at home on their own or with their loved ones. There are many genres of movies today. Examples of these are action, adventure, musicals, biographies, comedy, romance, horror and motivational movies. Out of all these, the motivational ones are full of inspiration. The characters in these movies overcome tremendous obstacles so as to achieve their goals or their dreams. There are some motivational movies which are based on actual events that happened. Read on to discover the top 19 true story based motivational movies.

A Beautiful Mind

Released in 2001, this movie tells the story of a mathematical savant and Nobel laureate John Nash. Played by Russel Crowe, this amazing mathematician discovered a highly complicated mathematical concept that was named the Nash equilibrium. Despite his ability, he also suffered from schizophrenia. The movie shows how he achieved success and failure in his life while dealing with his sickness.

The Pursuit of Happyness

Released in 2006, this movie is based on the life of entrepreneur Chris Gardner. He went through a whole year of homelessness and other struggles before he achieved success. Played by Will Smith, he lifted himself out of abject poverty and became a successful securities broker. The movie moves you to tears at his hardship and lets you celebrate with Gardner when he achieves his goals.

127 Hours

If there ever was a movie depicting the strength of the human desire to survive, this is it. Based on a book titled "Between a Rock and a Hard Place", it tells the story of Aron Ralston. He was a daredevil who loved exploring canyons. He found himself in a tight spot when he was trapped by a rock in th Canyonlands National Park in Utah, USA. He only had a very small amount of food and water which he stretched out over a period of 5 days. Aron had used his camcorder to create a video journal. Now, he used it to document his last hours alive. When he was almost giving in, he realized that he could save his life but would have to amputate his own arm with his pocketknife. Released in 2010, it is a breathtaking movie and James Franco does an excellent job playing Aron.


In 1985, a cardiac surgeon known as Zbigniew Religa performed the first heart transplant in Poland. This movie was released in 2014 and it celebrated the achievements of this brilliant surgeon. It also displays the courage and grit that he displayed so as to achieve the medical feat.

Coach Carter

It is very important for us to balance our studies and our extra-curricular activities. Life is a matter of balance and that is what this movie seeks to inspire. Released in 2005, it tells the story of Ken Carter. Played by Samuel L. Jackson, he returns to his old high school to coach basketball. After succeeding in helping the team improve, he realizes that the players have sacrificed their studies for the court. In a bid to encourage them to take studies seriously, he withdraws the team from all competitions until they improve their grades. It is a gritty tale of discipline and ambition.

The World's Fastest Indian

This is a movie about a speed bike racer named Burt Munro which was released in 2005. He spent 2 decades of his life restoring a 1920s Indian motorcycle. Played by Anthony Hopkins, Burt faced tremendous hardship to rebuild it. Eventually, he completed his project. Burt proceeded to race the bike at the Bonneville SaltFlats in 1967 and he broke the world land speed record.


Released in 2006, this movie is all about the story of Vince Papale. He was a teacher facing a host of problems in his life. In desperate need of some money, Vince also had a job as a part-time bartender. He was a huge football fan and when an open tryout emerged for his hometown team, Vince tried out and achieves unprecedented success.

Into the Wild

A high performing student and athlete named Christopher McCandless simply decided to get rid of his conventional life in search of true meaning. He destroyed his credit cards, his personal documents and donated every penny he had to charity. After that, he hitchhikes his way to Alaskas wilderness. This movie was released in 2007, and depicts the challenges and characters he met that changed his life.

Schindler's List

The movie is set in Germany 1939. In the thick of World War 2, a German politician and businessman named Schindler needs to make money from the war. So he decides to hire the cheapest labor he could find, the Jews. He hires 300 Jews and puts them to work while their families and friends are being exterminated by the Nazi forces. Over time, it becomes hard to hide them and keep his factory going. The movie was released in 1993 and explores the drama and inspiration that Schindler creates.

Saving Private Ryan

Released in 1998, this is a movie that clearly depicts the lives of soldiers in World War 2 and how life truly was in the trenches. It shows the story of a group of soldiers who go out in search of their comrade, Private Ryan. The unfortunate private had already lost three brothers in the war. The group could not allow Ryan to die behind enemy lines. The movie follows their desperate search and explores the life-changing moments of each soldier.

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Patch Adams

Suffering from manic depression, a hunter named Peter Adams seeks help at a mental institution. After struggling for a long time, he decides that he should open up his own mental clinic. He gained admission into the Virginia Medical University but realizes that he does not like the methods which they use to care for patients. With assistance from a wealthy friend, Adams opens up a medical facility for underprivileged patients. This 1998 movie shows how he suffered a tragic accident and faced tremendous struggles so as to help others.