One of the qualities that we are encouraged to have is self confidence. This is a term which is often used by psychologists, therapists and counselors. It means the extent to which a person values themselves. Developing high self confidence normally results in great health. This is because it causes us to feel capable, confident and strong enough to deal with all the challenges which could emerge in our lives. By having good self esteem, we get a realistic view of our personal value and that of others too. Having a high level of self confidence prevents you from developing problems with your mental health. Examples of such problems are addiction, anxiety and depression. Thus, having high self confidence is very important in our lives. Read on to discover 10 different small actions you can do daily to improve your self confidence.

Act confident

Many of us do not realize that the most important language which we use is body language. It is instantly visible and says a lot about us even before we say a single word. your body language can show that you are self-confident or it can betray your insecurity. There are some actions which you can perform to indicate self-confidence. These include holding your head high, sitting up straight, squaring your shoulders and also maintaining eye contact. These actions indicate that you are self assured. Moreover, you can perform them daily to boost your self confidence.

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Dress as you would like to be perceived

When you take time to look better, you are much more likely to feel as such. Pick out and wear some clothes and accessories which fit your body, fit in your industry and indicate your lifestyle. Dressing in such a way automatically makes you feel good and increases your self confidence. Pick a successful role in life that you would want to play. After that, proceed to dress in a way that shows this role. Make sure to include some of your personality in your outfits. For example, if you love color, wear a colorful bowtie or bold jewelery. This is something that you can do daily to boost your self confidence.

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Speak in an assertive manner

Every one of us has a favorite speaker who we admire. Their self confidence is attractive and we desire to emulate them. We can actually develop some self confidence by observing this speaker. Normally, a confident person speaks in a steady tone. There is no interruption of flow in their speech. This is how to speak in an assertive manner. You can do the same and feel your self confidence begin to rise with every word. Avoid interrupting your own flow of speech with nervous chatter or slurring. This is an activity which you can perform daily to boost your self confidence.

Act positively and think positively too

In every situation of life, we have the chance to be positive or negative. The better option is to maintain a positive opinion about life. Make sure that you have a can-do attitude. Doing this really helps to improve your self confidence. One way to maintain positive attitude is to keep smiling, laughing and staying around positive people. This will eventually make you feel better and you will be enjoyable company.

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Visualize yourself as you would want to be

Acclaimed author and motivational speaker Napoleon Hill said that anything that you can conceive with your mind, you can achieve in your life. He encourages us to visualize who we want to be so as to gain some self confidence. You can visualize an image of yourself that you would be proud of. This is the opposite of low self confidence where the self perception is poor and inaccurate. This can be remedied by painting a positive picture of yourself and visualizing it often.

Make positive affirmations to yourself

One way to make yourself believe in positive things is to make affirmations. Human beings normally behave according to their self-image. If you want to make a permanent, positive change in your life, you have to change the way you view yourself. Positive affirmations can make you to see a positive image of yourself. They are best said out aloud. You can believe anything that you repeatedly say to yourself. By appreciating yourself and saying positive things about yourself daily, you can boost your self confidence.

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Do something that scares you every single day

One of the qualities that characterizes a lack of self confidence is insecurity. This is where you constantly worry about how the world looks at you. In addition to that, you feel as though you are not good enough for the society around you. In order to overcome this and develop your own self confidence, you should do something that you find scary every day. An example of this is to take chances at saying hi to strangers or speaking up in public. Doing such activities regularly normally pushes you out of your comfort zone and boosts your self confidence.

Write a journal every day for 20 minutes

Writing a journal every day sounds very easy. However, it is quite challenging to stay committed to writing a journal on a daily basis. Thus, you should make an effort to write your journal every day. This is because it allows you to gain a realistic view of life around you. Moreover, it shows you what you are good at and what you need to improve. This way, the journal acts as your mirror. It helps you to track your daily improvements and gradually builds your self confidence.

Achieve small goals first and then move on to larger ones

In life, you can target both large and small goals. To gain some self confidence, you should organize your goals and find out the small ones which you can achieve. After that, target them and accomplish each one before you more on to the more complex and larger ones. By achieving one small goal at a time, your self confidence gradually grows. Luckily, this is an activity which you can perform on a daily basis.

Exercise regularly

Scientists and fitness instructors all agree that exercise is a sure way to increase your self confidence. The activities which are involved in exercise normally release endorphins in your brain. They make you feel good and your body will benefit from the strengthening movements. Of course, you should not approach exercise with the target of looking like a model overnight. Let it be a gradual process of gain that you stick to and commit to complete. Exercising for 20 minutes daily can boost your self confidence in ways you could never imagine.

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The Important Take Away

It is very important to have a high level of self confidence. It makes you ambitious and prepares you to go for your goals in life. This makes you have a satisfying and rewarding existence. The steps above can help you to develop a healthy level of self confidence. You can learn and adopt them to become the best you can be.