University plays a major role in developing the ideas and attitudes that we apply in our careers. In addition to the professions that require specialized university education, some administrative positions within organizations may require that the candidate possesses a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in order to be better prepared for their assigned duties if selected. the MBA is a program that is highly effective in the professional world, and not only within the business realm. Choosing a university for such a program is therefore a process that needs to take into consideration not only the reputation of the institutions, but also its resources, manpower and its capacity of teaching quality education to the learners. Here are 25 universities that are renowned for their MBA programs and their successful alumni.

Purdue University

Located in West Lafayette, this is an institution with an exceptional MBA program. If you are a STEM professional, you can complete yours in only one year. This institution teaches students how to be leaders and they go to shine in the corporate world.

Pennsylvania State University

Fondly referred to as Penn State, it s an institution with a respected MBA program. This program is executive. Many alumni are movers and shakers in the world of business today. Penn State also offers an Intercollege MBA.

University of Georgia

This institution was founded in 1785 and also has a very good MBA program. You can complete your MBA in three forms. They include executive, full time and professional students. Many of the leading business professionals in the state of Georgia and beyond graduated from these MBA programs.

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University of Arizona

Located in Tucson from 1885, this university also has an exceptional MBA program. It has a special institute located within that is known as the Eller College of Management. There are four options of an MBA in this institution. With diligence and their timetable, you can complete yours in only 18 months.

Boston College

This is a Jesuit university. It is located in Chestnut Hill. You can complete your MBA in this university on full time basis or as part of the evening class. Many graduates of Boston College went on to become successful in the corporate world. To give the students full attention during instruction, the classes are kept small.

University of California Irvine

Located in beautiful Southern California, this university also has an exceptional MBA program. This program is offered in a special institute within the university. It is known as the Paul Merage School of Business. There are many MBA programs to chose from. Therefore, you can study there and join the group of successful professionals who have graduated from this university.

Boston University

This is a private university. It has an MBA program that is highly effective too. You can complete it under the instruction of their lecturers and emerge prepared to shine. A number of alumni are influential professionals in the world of business along the East coast.

University of Maryland

This is a very prominent university. The size and the quality of its education are respected. It is a public Ivy League university. You can complete your MBA at this prestigious university. A wide number of professionals have graduated and are leading in the business sector today. This program is offered in full time or evening class basis.


University of California Davis

This is one of the largest universities in this list. It has over 7,000 acres of campus land. Its MBA program is exceptional too. Students are taught how to collaborate and are inspired to shine. This university gives value based education.

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University of Florida

Located in Gainesville, Florida, this is another institution that has produced leading professionals in the field of business. Its MBA program is renowned across the country. You can complete your MBA in o.this university in ten months or two years.

Rochester University

This is a private university that is well known for their research. It has an MBA program that is exceptional and that emphasizes on inspired thinking. The faculty give each student full attention.You can complete your MBA from this institution in only 18 months. Many successful business professionals call Rochester University their alma mater.

University of Texas at Dallas

Founded in 1969, this is a university located in Downtown Dallas. It has a good MBA program that can prepare you for the world of business. In only 16 months, you can complete yours. There are many leading Dallas professionals who graduated from this institution.

Texas A&M university

This is a fully public university located in central Texas. It was the first institution of higher education in the city of Dallas. Therefore, it has an effective MBA program for you. In only 16 months, you can complete your MBA in this university.

Michigan State University

This is a unique university that has gone through so many changes in name. It was founded in 1885 and also has one of the most effective MBA programs available today. It is suburban and many influential professionals graduated from it.

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Rice University

This is a private university that has a small campus. The curriculum for the MBA program in this university is designed such that the students can get full attention from their instructors at all times. Moreover, once you graduate, you can get support from the Joint Entrepreneurs Organization that is affiliated in this university. Many successful figures have graduated from here.

University of Minnesota

It is located in the Twin Cities.Their MBA program is well noted due to the fact that it gives experiential learning. Therefore, you learn practically how to apply the skills that you are taught. Many leading business professionals used these skills to get to the top.

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

In the state of Illinois, this is the second oldest university. It is quite close to the major cities in the state. It has an MBA program. While studying here, you can be sure that you will excel due to the large and amply stocked library in the university.

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Brigham Young University

People fondly call it The Y. It is a very large private university where you can complete you MBA. It is located in picturesque Provo city. This program provides you with excellent business training. Moreover, you can practice your skills in your area of employment and shine.

Ohio State university

This institution began its life as an institue for agriculture. Today, it has one of the leading MBA programs. The institution values intimate learning where the students get the full attention of their instructors. This leads to excellence even after graduation. There are several notable business professionals who graduated from Ohio State.

University of Wisconsin Madison

This university was founded in 1848. This was the same year that its home state was granted that level of recognition. It is a large and very respected institution. There are many special MBA programs to choose from. Examples are Marketing, Risk Management and Finance.

Vanderbilt University

Founded in 1873, this university is well known for the quality of its MBA programs. There are four types to choose from. Moreover, you can complete the one of your choice in only 2 years. Many business leaders learned in this prestigious university.

University of Southern California

With its main campus located in Los Angeles, this university was founded in 1880. It has a very good MBA program that is geared towards your excellence in life. Many respected business professionals in California and beyond graduated from this university. You can complete your program in only 2 years.

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Arizona State University

It has many campuses in and around Phoenix, Arizona. Each one instructs their exceptional MBA program. This university is one of the largest in the country and its MBA program is very respected. You can complete this program at the W.P. Carey School of Business.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Founded in 1885, this institution is fondly referred to as Georgia Tech. Many influential figures in the world of business graduated from here. You can complete your MBA program in this institution. It is taught in the Ernest Scheller Jr. college of business. There are two types of MBA to do. One is in technology and the other is in international business.

University of Notre Dame

Its official name is University of Notre Dame du Lac. This is French for Our Lady of the Lake. It is a Catholic university that has a great MBA program. Within only one year, you can complete it and add value to your professional business career. The program is offered in the Mendoza College of Business. Quite a number of business professionals call this institution their foundation.

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The Important Take Away

Completing your MBA at any one of the above institutions will reward you forever. Not only will you receive a great quality education, but you will also form a high quality network that will be valuable for your current and future business or administrative related objectives. Let us know which Universities would you recommend us to add to this list.