To achieve anything in life, we need to maintain two conditions. Firstly, we must have faith that our efforts will bear fruit. Secondly, we must believe in ourselves. Faith is being sure of what we are hoping for and completely certain in things or situations that we do not see. Believing in yourself brings about self-confidence and strong trust in our abilities. With these two key elements intact, you can achieve anything that you want. Sadly, it is all easier said than done. With the various challenges that life sends our way, it is possible for us to lose faith and become hopeless. Moreover, bad experiences can leave us so damaged that we stop believing in ourselves. Should this happen, do not let up or give in. To stay strong, here is how to cultivate the habits of having faith and believing in yourself.

Get in touch with your support system

Whenever things go wrong, everybody has their own way of dealing with the challenge. Some people are quick to embrace their families, friends and relatives for help and support. On the other hand, there are some who quickly isolate themselves. They believe that they can survive the tough times on their own. For the latter, the negative impact of the challenge is much more pronounced and it is harder for them to recover. As such, if you normally isolate yourself whenever you face challenging times, it is time to change this and embrace other people around you for help.

There is beauty in sharing your challenges or vulnerability with others around you. It is not easy to open up to those around you for help or support when you are going through challenging times. However, it is necessary. Get in touch with your support system. Pick out those who love you unconditionally and will not judge you even if your problem is embarassing in nature. This will help you to experience the healing power of sharing. It can even open up your eyes to solutions you had not seen before and restore your faith.

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Speak constructively to yourself

Believe it or not, we create who we will become in future. By choosing the things which we will believe in and using self-talk, we create ourselves one day at a time. Therefore, it is important to ensure that our self-talk is positive in nature. Whenever you are feeling down and have low energy to improve you personal circumstances, speak a word of strength to yourself. You do not need the approval of other people. All the support and approval that you need is within you. According to Shad Helmstetter, the brain believes what we tell it most. It has no choice but to create the things that you tell it. Therefore, feed it with positive affirmations through self-talk and you will see your life transform for the better and a feeling of self-belief emerge within you.

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Be patient

We live in a world of instant gratification. We always expect to get results immediately after putting in some effort. Thus, whenever things take longer than we expected, it leads to frustration. In most cases, conditions in your life do not change overnight. This will lead to times of uncertainty that can hurt you. It can cause you to lose faith. It is during such times that you should be most patient.

There is beauty in the struggle. Just as flowers do not bloom in one day and butterflies take time to spread their wings, it will also take some time to achieve what you desire. Just as nature indicates, slow down and let the fruit of your labor develop slowly over time. Live your life a day at a time. As each day unfolds successfully, your faith will be restored gradually and you will find peace in the wait.

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Trust yourself

The root of losing self-belief is self-doubt. It leads directly to an inability to function. To recover from this, you should trust yourself. Whether you are right or wrong, it is your move and nobody else's. Just because the path you are taking has never been followed before doesn't make it wrong for you. Moreover, just because it didn't work out for others doesn't mean that it will not work for you. Trust yourself and follow though. Take some personal time every day to remind yourself of your goals and generate the energy needed to keep moving forward. This is a sure way to restore self-belief and unshakable faith.

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Accept your current conditions

The first step to believing in yourself is to accept the way that your life currently looks like. A loss of self-belief is often the result of destabilizing challenges. In this condition, we are most likely unsatisfied with our current circumstances. This leads to frustration and even more stress. Fighting against it does not bring any benefit and only tires you out. To get out of this, begin by accepting the circumstances that you are in. After that, you will be able to cultivate enough energy to move forward. This also frees up your mental capacity to look out and see opportunities for growth.

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Remember your past successes

Life has a way of throwing us curveballs. It can hit us square in the jaw with a big problem or challenge. This one can leave us lost and completely unaware of the next step to take. This can cause you to lose self-belief, develop serious self-doubt and even suffer depression. Whenever you are in this state, remind yourself of the times when you were successful. Remember the days when you were the hero. Remember those days when you used to rock it and realize that you can do it again. Use your past to your advantage. Leverage these experiences to prop yourself up, lift your spirits and restore self-belief.

The Important Take Away

With strong faith and a firm belief in yourself, nothing can stop you. You are only held back by the things that you accept as limits. Faith keeps you hopeful while self-belief keeps you working. The guidelines above can help you to cultivate these two elements of success. They are gems of wisdom with life-long benefits.