Probably you are one of those students who are tired of leading their life in an auto-pilot mode. You feel the absence of excitement in your life when you see others living their life to the fullest. So ask yourself a question, "how can they be so happy and prosperous in life without any inner unsatisfaction?" well, let me help you with the answer which is very simple - self-improvement.

Now, what is self-improvement? Well, according to a bookish definition, self-improvement is an integrated development process that evolves throughout one's life and teaches to have self- awareness, improves personal abilities and allows to achieve goals of life. In short, doing what you really want to do and live life to the fullest is self-improvement.

When we grow day by day with self-improvement, we will have an inner feeling of happiness and satisfaction. The key to fight in difficult times and improve one’s individual learning styles is self-improvement. Self-improvement is a continuous process that never ends. You need to invest time and be dedicated to it. Whatever it is that pushes you towards self-improvement, it is always an inner force of yours’s in order to become a better person, to grow and to make progress daily.

Enough of talking and definitions, now it’s time to share some of my top self-improvement strategies. You can implement these strategies on your regular routine and can see the progress you make daily.

1. Overcome the barriers of old habits

Sometimes some of our habits can become a barrier between us and our personal growth. So, we must analyze, what kind of habit will benefit us and what won’t. For example, if you are a student and want to become the best student in the whole school but due to some of your habits like being rude to other students or teachers, makes it nearly impossible. You need to change your habit of being rude to your fellow students and teachers, though it is not easy. But I would say, if you have enough willpower then you can change it and create a large fan base of yours in the school.

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2. Get out of your comfort zone

It is very difficult to get out of one’s comfort zone. Why? Because the comfort zone is a kind of behavioral space, where the activities are in a routine or in a pattern. Such routine or pattern reduces the stress and risks, thus making us comfortable.

I am not portraying comfort zone as a bad thing but if you are on your journey of self- improvement then you should not be stuck in your comfort zone.

The effective way of getting out of your comfort zone is to do things that frighten you most and involves risks. Challenge yourself by jumping into the unknown and test your capabilities. Young students can get out of their comfort zone more easily than adults because as time passes adults become habituated to the daily comfortable routine and lose the tendency of trying something different or unique. I am not saying that it is impossible for adults to get out of the comfort zone, it is definitely possible if they have a strong will in them.

In order to self-improve, you need to make some small changes in your daily routine. Do different things that you never did before. Push yourself to the extreme.

3. Make an action plan

We need to take certain actions in our life if we want self-improvement. Your actions must be well-planned not any random ones if you have a bigger goal. Talking of bigger goals, they cannot be achieved overnight. You must start with small steps that will eventually take you towards your final goal. For example, you are a talented student and want to be a CEO of a multi-national company. For this, the action steps you can plan are,

•    You must know what it takes to be a CEO (studies, experiences, skills and dedication).
•    Work hard and acquire the necessary skills.
•    Search for the opportunity and go for the interview.
•    Secure the job with your dedication and hard work.

Probably the post of the CEO or something big like that is a long shot, but if you do not reach your goal within the time you targeted, do not pressurize yourself. We often over-commit to ourselves, so when you fail to achieve something within your desired timeframe, relax and be kind to yourself. You can do it, either today or tomorrow by taking small steps towards the finishing line.

4. Set your mind like you are already a winner

According to Carol Dweck, (the author of “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success”) people with the mindset of growth believes that even ordinary talent and abilities can be transformed into something extraordinary with the investment of time, experience and mentorship. Such kind of people does not hesitate in taking challenges because they are not afraid of how they will be judged based on their mistakes, appearance and intellect. So, if you want to achieve something, be like those type of people. Go to the field with the mindset of a winner, embrace your failure and learn from them.

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All at once

Probably by now, you got a clear picture of what self–improvement can do when you have a strong will. By self–improving yourself rather than blaming others for the faults is the ultimate strategy of gaining success and satisfaction – just have patience!

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