We are constantly surrounded by colours. They feature on our clothes, on our furniture, in our environment, at school and at work too. Colours give life to inanimate objects by making them more vibrant. They also make entertainment more thrilling. Interestingly, they affect us internally too. According to colour psychology, we can experience physiological and emotional effects due to exposure to specific colours. In this field of study, colours are divided into warm and cool ones. Warm colours include red, orange and yellow. They stimulate and excite us. On the other hand, cool colours include blue, green and purple. These ones have a relaxing and soothing effect on us. In this way, colours are a non-verbal language that we all respond to and understand instinctively. Marketers regularly utilize these effects when designing their brands. Designers also apply these effects when choosing colours to use for business promotional materials, airline uniforms or website backgrounds. In the same way, you can strategically use the effects of colours. Here is how to use colours influence on the mind to improve your own life and behavior.

Wear red to become extra active

One of the activities that many of us engage in regularly is exercise. We may jog around the neighborhood, at the park or join a local gym. Sometimes, you may feel drained and lack energy to go for your exercise sessions. In such times, you can rely on the effect of the colour red on your mind to get an extra burst of energy. According to reseach, warm colours such as red can stimulate you to perform vigorous action when you are feeling drained. Furthermore, a study published in the magazine known as Emotion found that wearing red exercise gear can result in greater speed, stamina and force as you move your body. Therefore, invest in some red coloured clothing and trainers so that you can perform at your optimum level when exercising.

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How to boost your creativity levels with some colour

Whenever you want your creative juices to flow, blue is the colour to pick. In 2009, a study was performed to measure the effect of colour on creativity. It found that the colour blue boosts our creativity. Therefore, paint the walls of your art room in this colour. You can also have blue accessories on your work desk. This will help you to become more creative in the task at hand.

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Stay around cool colours when you are preparing for a test

To evaluate ourselves or get assessed, we often have to take tests. This can be in school or at our places of work. We all want to be successful and pass in them. Therefore, we take the time to prepare by studying. Did you know that specific colours have an effect on how well we understand the material and our emotional condition as we take the test? According to a study performed and printed in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, exposing yourself to cool colours such as blue and purple increases your chances of success in a test while warm colours such as red can cause you to perform poorly. This is because we unconsciously associate the colour red with the danger of failing. Hence, ensure that you are around cool colours when taking tests or studying. This can boost your chances of success.

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Boost your memory with the right colour

Colours have a very deep effect on our minds. They can even affect our memories. Research has shown that yellow is effective in helping us to remember things. If you want to recall something, write it down on yellow paper or Post-It notes. The vibrant colour will imprint the content in your mind. It helps if you use a contrasting colour such as black to write down your notes. This can be especially effective when studying for a test.

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Get confident in black

There are reasons why black is the colour of choice for important dinners and gala events. The men are always encouraged to wear black tuxedos to such meetings. This is because the colour black increases your confidence tremendously. Another colour that you can use for a shot of self-esteem is red. It is a warm, vibrant colour that commands attention. Hence, you can wear it to feel more confident when you are going to present something in front of your peers or judges.

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Understand the effects of colours on your shopping emotions

Companies understand colour psychology and often use it to their advantage. By applying specific colours to their branding and promotional materials, they are able to convince you to buy their products and services. For example, stores often use cool colours such as lavender and blue to convince you to buy items. Moreover, the colour red is often used in advertising. This is because it captures your attention. Red is used in traffic lights and warning road signs. Hence, we are naturally programmed to be alert whenever we see it. As such, stay aware of these tricks used to attract you to buy stuff you may not need. In this way, you can be a smarter shopper.

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Red is as romantic as can be

Valentine's Day is the one day in the year when you can celebrate your love for your significant other. On this day, couples all over the world exchange red gifts. This is because the colour red is associated with love. it is a vibrant, vivid and warm one. As such, if you want to be romantic, have some red in your outfit, dinner table or bedroom. It is guaranteed to put you in the mood for love and stay inviting to your partner. Soft pink also works to create a romantic mood. Hence you can balance these two colors to achieve the desired effect.

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The important Take Away

Colours make life more interesting. They add flavor and energy to any setting. They also have an invisible effect on our minds and emotions. Some of these effects have been indicated above. Knowing about them and using this knowledge strategically can increase the quality of your life and help you improve your daily experiences.