Almost every man can father a child but only a few can be dads. The role of a dad in a child's life is a very important factor. Fathers play an important role in the lives of their children from the first day to adulthood. Studies indicate that children whose fathers were involved and played an active role in their lives end up being at a social and intellectual advantage over counterparts who had weak or no relationships with their fathers. Moreover, children who grow up in an environment where the father is actively involved end up having fewer behavioral problems and highly developed language skills. This is because fathers are disciplinarians and caregivers at the same time. As a matter of fact, this result is true even if the father is not always physically present in the child's home for example in divorce situations. As such, fathers play a very important role in the lives of their children. Here are the most important traits of a great father-child relationship.


It is very important for a father to be concerned about the life of their child. A father should ask their child how things are going at school on in their social life too. When a father takes the time to ask their child about academics and social life, it makes the child feel cared for. They feel that their life is important enough to the father and they will make an effort to improve their academics and social life to make sure that they have acceptable answers. According to studies performed in the University of Illinois, concern causes children to do better at school. Interestingly, the father asking these questions does not have to be a biological one. Adoptive and step fathers also help the child to perform better when they show this form of care. As such, one of the traits of a great father-child relationship is concern.

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Personal responsibility

The relationship between a father and their children is very important. It is important for a father to show their children the importance of personal responsibility. This is where they teach that every action has its own consequences. When a father is involved in the life of their children and emphasizes personal responsibility, the child learns the difference between right and wrong. They also learn the importance of ensuring their own safety and well-being. As a matter of fact, studies conducted at the University of Oxford show that sons whose fathers taught them about personal responsibility end up having fewer problems with authority and the police as they grow into adults. As such, one of the most crucial traits of a good father-child relationship is emphasis on personal responsibility.

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Confidence and independence

When it comes to raising a daughter, the father has a responsibility to teach them how to be confident and independent. Fathers should make an effort to have a close relationship with their daughters from birth to adulthood. They provide a source of strength. Also in most cases, daughters use their fathers as an ideal mold when searching for partners. As such, a girl's choice of boyfriend and eventual husband often resembles the father. Research conducted at the University of Oxford indicates that girls who have had supportive fathers normally have fewer problems with their mental health in adulthood. When a girl receives genuine praise from their father, it causes her to grow up independent and confident in themselves. As such, an important trait of a father-daughter relationship is the establishment of confidence and independence.

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Curiosity and exploration

Fathers inspire the spirit of curiosity in their children from a very early age. It has been found that infants will turn their heads towards the voice of their father more often than they would toward the voice of any another person. In addition to that, infants who have the opportunity to bond with their fathers normally breastfeed better. As such, they get to enjoy the health benefits of this form of nutrition. When children interact with their fathers at a very young age, they develop good language skills. Fathers also instill the trait of discovery in their children allowing them to explore the world more enthusiastically and encounter more opportunities to learn. As such, instilling the need to learn and explore is one of the traits of a great father-child relationship.

Assisting with social skills

Human being are social creatures. Fathers normally have the responsibility of teaching children how to be social. It has been found that children whose fathers show them affection get along better with others in social situations. Moreover, fathers show children how to maintain a relationship through how they treat the mother. As such, a situation where children learn how to interact with others and develop healthy interpersonal relations is one of the traits of a great father-child relationship.

Aggression management

Fathers rough-house when they play with their children much more than mothers would. The objective of doing this is to show the children how to manage one's aggression in social situations. During rough play, fathers show their children that you can get aggressive and then calm down. This is an important life skill for the children to learn and it helps them to avoid developing behavior problems in future. Interacting with your children in a way that teaches them how to manage their aggression is one of the important characteristics of a great relationship between father and child.

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Creative approaches to life problems

One of the most important life skills is creative thinking. This is where one takes an abstract perspective towards solving a problem resulting in an unexpected solution. Fathers have to be creative thinkers for them to navigate the challenges of parenthood and adulthood at the same time. They instill this form of thinking in their children through various methods for example showing them how to play with old toys in new ways. Showing how to think creatively is an important trait of a father-child relationship.

The Important Take away

Fathers are the leaders of their households. They help the mothers with raising the children. They also show the children how to handle life's problems better. This is accomplished through father-child interaction. The traits above describe healthy relationships. They are guidelines that young and mature fathers can follow so as to raise responsible children.